Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Me Monday

Not Me Mondays.. I lurve em I tell ya!!

I did NOT tell my 18 month to "Give me that!" referring to his toy in his hand solely because I knew he would run away from me and then I'd be able to finish up reading my news online.. I would never encourage my child to not listen to me.. because that is asinine.. and I am NOT..

I did NOT notice a stranger in my neighbors yard dumping garbage bags in his yard and precede to open my front door and yell at him.. I would never scream out my door to someone across the street.. nor would I mistake the owner of the house as a stranger! Not me!

I did NOT just have a bowl of chili and brown rice with jalapeno chips for breakfast.. I am always conscious of my eating and would never eat such a breakfast.. never!

I did NOT threaten my husband with another child or no sex (I didn't know which was worse for him so I threw both out there) if he did not run to the pharmacy at 8pm in the rain for my birth control which I had forgotten to get for a few days.. I never go below the belt and use threats!

Oh and um yeah.. I did NOT give Ethan stove top, then oreo sticks, then half an ice pop this morning for breakfast so I could enjoy my chili and chips granola and fruit.. that is so ghetto.. and I certainly am NOT!

Wanna join in?? Just link up to MckMamas bloggy blog..


  1. I stopped in from MckMamas...I grew up in South Jersey and we're currently back in North Jersey (second time in our married life). I've also lived in TN, SC, MD, VA, and Ohio...I'm just missing KY on your list : ) We went to England instead. We're not in the military, just move like we are : )

    Have a great day!

  2. i stopped over from mckmama's too and I also grew up in South Jersey! But i've lived in Mexico for 6 years now...i don't do notmet mondays cause i'm a horribly infrequent blogger...but i still love to read blogs :) anyway, it's great to "meet" you!