Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Me Monday

MckMama MckMama you crack me up.. you and ur pictures and ur cactus butt..

I did not have steak fries smothered in vinegar and ketchup for breakfast yesterday. That is like uber gross. Oh, and I didn't google "vinegars health benefits" afterwards because I thought.. hrm.. this stuff kills germs and stuff.. I wonder if it's cleaning my intestines!?! and briefly think I found the cure to cancer. Because that is ridiculous, and I am NOT.

I am not sitting on the couch right now with my youngest upstairs in his crib playing the drums. Cause I mean who has drums within reach of a baby's crib anyway? Certainly not me. IF I had in fact bought drums for say, Gavin, our house is certainly big enough that they could be stored in the room he shares with Ayden.. and I would not put them in the corner, blocking the closet, within arms reach of my 1 year old's crib. Duh.

I did not decide to stop eating meat sometime last week and then sneak meatless meatballs in my family's spaghetti sauce last Sunday. And then to boot.. I did not think them to be so gross that I wouldn't even try them! Oh, and then.. I most certainly did not decide to start eating meat again a few days later. Cause I am way more stable than that.

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  1. welcome back~ i missed you! i just happened to you on my charming kids~!