Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Fellas

I'm in a blah mood.. and don't really feel like writing.. but I have a gazillion and one stories to upload into my forever memory that is this blog..

Gavin got his new cell phone today.. I think it's the Razzle.. he lurves it of course.. his edline is showing that his grades are the best yet.. The first marking period he made the Honor Roll which is all As and one B.. then the second marking period ALL his grades went down.. I was pretty ticked and took away his birthday present (DSi) but then when I thought about it.. I realized that yes they all went down.. but they still ended up being all As and Bs and one C.. so, I told him I was disappointed and that if he could it once.. blah blah blah.. and I gave him back his DSi.. but this third marking period grades have all been better than the first so far.. He asked me for skinny skater jeans.. I was totally down but the hubs thinks they are not so flattering to say the least.. he calls them "ball huggers" .. haha.. but we compromised and we're ganna get him a somewhat skinny / somewhat fitted / def not ball hugger pair.. but WHERE do I even find them at?? If that doesn't scream "old mom who thinks shes young and hip but so isn't" then I don't know what does.. sigh.. hehe

Ayden is a pip.. he asked me to put a fake tattoo on him the other day, but whispered "Tell dad it's real." while we were in the bathroom putting it on.. isn't it so cute when they think you're as dumb as a bag of rocks??

Ethan is crazy funny.. and crazy disobedient.. today he had me running from the chair to the loveseat.. reason being was because the chair is under the flatscreen and the cable box and he LOVES shutting the cable box off.. so I was chasing after him.. taking him off the chair or getting there before him so he couldn't climb up it.. then when I'd be in the chair blocking him, he'd run to the loveseat directly across from the chair and climb that and grab for my laptop which was right next to.. I mean, the chair and loveseat are like 12-15 feet away from each other.. so it was like 5 seconds of him running his little funny man run.. back and forth at least 15 times.. and I was not in the mood.. at all.. but him.. hysterical the whole time.. I kept laughing cause he's a whacko.. but man oh man..

Ok, I'm back to being overwhelmed with blahness.. I'm ganna declutter in Excel and come up with a new plan of attack for tomorrow.. ta ta

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