Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lent .. take 2

Man I really kicked Lent to the curb this year.. more so than ever.. and ironically I feel closer to God than I ever have.. I stopped going to church.. partly because Frank's cranky in the morning and doesn't like to "babysit" his children so early.. and partly because I don't wanna get purdy and leave the house.. more so because of Frank *wink*

I plannnnn on going tomorrow.. we'll see how Frank and I feel.. I go alone.. Frank doesn't go and me taking the kids ain't happening.. we don't have a daycare.. and my children.. well, the younger two are monsters..

But anywho.. so yeah, totally ate meat yesterday and all.. my New Year's Resolutions went out the window as well.. I'm thinking my 31st birthday.. is the perfect time to start anew.. oh no wait.. I decided that I was going to start tomorrow.. or rather.. right NOW.. except it's bedtime.. so really it'll be tomorrow.. which is my birthday eve..

The plan is to order Chili's take out tomorrow since we have a $50 gift card for a late lunch / early dinner.. and then we're planning on going to Best Buy to get me a new camera.. FINALLY!!! Mine broke Christmas morning.. most people would be bummed that they're pictures look like they were highlighted with a yellow marker.. but I like the story that my camera broke on Christmas morning!! totally me!!

So yeah.. this pictureless blog wll be real snazzy soon .. hehe..

But uh, back to me getting my life in order.. yeesh.. I really need to drop 5 lbs.. not to lose weight because I am small and saying I wanna lose weight would make people give me dirty looks.. but I def have a good 20 lbs of fat.. so getting it down to 15 would be healthier.. I want to start eating salads and grow a garden.. annnnnnnnnnnd.. I do this all the time.. I write what I wanna change.. but never change any of it..

I need a motivational coach.. I used to think I wish Jillian Michaels (Biggest Loser is my FAVORITE show everrrrr) was my sister in law so I could call her and email her for free.. but there's some pretty shady stuff about her in the media lately.. so maybe she would charge me or ignore me if I were her SIL.. I'm retarted..

I took Ethan and Ayden to the park today to play because it was like 50 degrees.. and it was covered in snow.. I guess because of the trees?? even though they're bare?? I don't know.. my house doesn't have any snow left.. the parks only 10 miles away.. weird.. but Ethan went down the slide for the first time.. soooooo cute... I can't wait for the nicer weather.. he's ganna love it..

As we were leaving.. some little girl.. about 7 comes running up to the park area where we were and beat her sister in a race and looks at her mom and screams "I'm the fastest runner in the whole world!!" and Ayden's like "Uh, no your not." in this hysterical voice.. Jaime started cracking up.. I just did the instinctual "Ayyyydennnnn.. you don't say that!" not that it was even that rude of him.. I mean she was the one being rude.. being all braggy.. lol

Ok, sick of me yet?? No?? Okay great.. cause I can't sleep and I'm too lazy to go take a bath even though I really need one.. Oh, and while we were at our park.. Gavin went the park across the street from our house with his friends.. and since Frank was sleeping (aka dead to the world) it was basically like Gav was home alone.. except anytime he's ever been home with Frank sleeping or home alone.. he's always had to stay inside.. so this was a first.. we did a drive by on our way home.. he was running up the bball court with like 10 other kids.. it was cool..

Where do you buy seeds at????? Vegetable seeds.. I wanna do a garden this year.. I'll have to do an upside down version because of the pool and the kids playing.. but that's okay because they're easier.. and it's my first attempt.. I'm ganna do tomatoes, string beans, eggplant, and zucchini.. I think..

Ok, I'm tired.. take a bath or no?? I really should.. tomorrow the kids will be up and the baby just cries at the door for me.. ok yeah.. I totally should do it now.. but I don't wanna get outta bed.. life is so hard..

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