Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green & Whites.. & Gavin's Scalp

Happy Saint Patty's Day..

My BFF Jaime came over with some "black and whites" which is basically a flat cupcake with half chocolate icing.. half vanilla.. we both buy a couple.. cut them in half.. eat only the vanilla and then pawn the chocolate parts of on our kids.. ha!

Well today she went into our local bakery and saw GREEN and whites!! and THAT can only mean ONE thing.. DOUBLE VANILLA!!!!!! cause you know they didn't dye chocolate icing green.. So she did what any respectable BFF would do.. she bought us 6 and came on over..

She suggested we give Ethan one.. he was STOKED!!!

I was doing the dishes while Jaime took the pics.. and I was so lazy tired that I didn't want to give him a bath.. but he obviously NEEDED one.. so I just threw him in the sink.. cause that way I could have my cup of coffee and BS with Jaime.


On a more serious note..

My Gavin had surgery yesterday.. a few years ago he had a mole removed from the side of his head.. turned out to be a bad one.. they had to do surgery to make sure they got all the bad cells out.. well it left the poor kid with a bald spot on the left side of his head..

We are total jokers in this family.. and we all pick on each other to make each other laugh.. In fact, one time he drew an ugly picture of me to be funny.. so I (of course) drew one of him.. and I gave him a bald spot.. ha! After his surgery yesterday he told me I needed to come up with new material.. LOL .. love that kid..

So anyway.. 4 new moles grew back.. well.. the beginning of 4 new ones.. one was bigger and raised.. the other three looked like freckles.. buuuut since we new it was melanoma last time.. I took him right in to the dermatologist who originally removed the mole.. they were not the surgeons who went back in and removed the chunk of skin around the mole.. they just scraped the mole off and had it sent out.. once it came back as a bad one.. they recommended I find a surgeon.. and we did..

So when I took him back to the dermatologist.. they had relocated.. gotten a bigger office.. and a bigger team of doctors.. one of which is a surgeon! So now I had to decide to go back to the first surgeon who said that a child so young, getting skin cancer on the side of his head (not like on his nose, or shoulders, or back.. exposed areas) was a fluke.. and once he removed it.. it would basically be over with for good.. sooo did he maybe not remove it all?? Or did it grow back?? Do I find a new surgeon?? How would I know if HE/SHE would be any better?? hrm..

In the end it came down to what Gavin wanted.. if we went back to the first doctor.. Gavin would be knocked out for the procedure, at a hospital, and likely have his head shaved.. which is what happened the first time.. orrrr we could try the surgeon whose office we were already at.. we already had the referral.. Gavin would not have to be knocked out or go to a hospital.. they have the surgeon do it right there in the office..

In the end.. Gavin decided to go with the new guy.. wanna know why?? Because he told Gavin he wouldn't shave head like the first guy.. THAT was the deciding factor.. for him at least.. I also preferred the new guy.. because (A) I thought the other dr maybe didn't get it all.. (B) I don't like change.. and we were now familiar with THIS office and this staff (C) Gavin wouldn't be knocked out!! That was MY deciding factor..

Anywho.. here is his "bald spot" before we went in yesterday..

See the little moles beginning to develop again??

We walk in and the surgeon introduces himself.. he gives us some small chit chat to make us comfortable with him cutting our son's scalp.. and then he says

"What is up with that bald spot? That is ugly!"

I'm IRATE!!! It's one thing for US to make fun of his bald spot.. and we're JOKING.. he is NOT family and NOT joking.. then he says that he is going to fix it so that there's no bald spot and he can't believe a surgeon did that to him..

I say "How are you ganna make hair grow there?!"

I didn't think that one through!! He basically said it was like a tummy tuck.. he was going to cut out the bald spot.. which he was doing anyway.. and then pull the skin together and sew it up.. No more bald spot?! AWESOME!!

When we were in the waiting room.. some child.. a boy.. was screaming so loud in pain from the office area we were waiting to go in to.. he was like "Stop it!! Noooo!!! Owww!!!" I mean it was BAD!!!!! We tried to ignore it and kept on talking.. but Gavin was not letting that slide by.. he had his mouth completely opened and was like "Do you hear that?!" "What's going on in there?!" He was a bit freaked.. and honestly.. so were we!

We made a few jokes about how the kid was just a pansy who was getting his nails clipped.. and thankfully it stopped.. aiy yi yi

I asked the surgeon if I could be in the room while he got the needle to the head because I knew that was the bad part.. once it was numb I felt confident that he would be okay.. GUESS what the surgeon says?? "Oh you can be in the room for all of it."

WHAT??? You are cutting my son's scalp.. and a good chunk of it.. and you think IIIIIII can handle seeing that?? Oh no no!!

I told Gavin I couldn't do that.. LOL He was like "Ma, you're leaving?!"

Of course I couldn't really go.. but I seriously didn't think I'd be allowed in there.. so it never crossed my mind that I would have to look at it being done to my son's head.. I didn't think I would make it without puking, or crying, or something.. he was a champ through it all!!! He flinched a bit with the needles.. of course.. but during the surgery.. he was awesome.. didn't flinch.. didn't cry.. just laid there.. he even make a few jokes..

No more bald spot.. I can't believe it!!

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