Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Girl Barba

My 31st birthday is tomorrow.. I don't feel 9 years away from 40 AT ALL.. this month will be 8.5 years of me and Frank being together.. so basically in that same amount of time.. I'll be 40.. impossible!! I don't have any sad or unpleasant thoughts about turning 31.. in fact.. I love my birthday.. so long as Frank is super kind.. I don't necessarily care about gifts so much as I want to be spoiled.. I want Frank to be like "No honey, I'll do the dishes, it's your birthday." "Hon, I'll do that.. it's your birthday." THAT'S the best gift ever.. He's already told me a couple times today "Happy birthday eve." so I know he's ready.. although he did also say "I didn't get you a card." and looked at me hoping I'd say "Oh honey, I don't even like cards!" but I didn't.. I said "Well then it's a good thing it's not my birthday yet." with a smirk on my face.. I LOVE cards.. but he is so not a card person so I don't get my hopes up.. plus I hate that they charge $3 or more for a stinkin card.. I'd rather he just write me a poem or a love letter.. ok, I'm sounding pretty silly now.. but it's true.. those are the gifts I want.. ANNNND they're free.. helloooo.. win win..

So the plan is for us to go to breakfast with Ethan at my favorite mom and pop place that makes the lightest and fluffiest pancakes on Earth.. then we're going to try and snag me a new camera.. woo hoo.. but I'm frugal and really wanna get the most bang for my buck.. so I may come home empty handed and just try to find one online.. again.. I've been looking.. but the one that's really good is sold out.. how does something get "sold out" online anyways????

No birthday cake tomorrow.. cause I refuse to make my own cake and Frank has never done that.. and yes it is easy.. but he's never made anything except for meat.. ever so um yeah, we'll just wait until Tuesday because that's when my mom comes up to visit and she's making me a Death by Chocolate cake.. which I've heard describe many cakes.. none as cool as hers.. I'll take a picture.. with my new camera *wink*

I think I deleted this story in another post.. if not oh well.. here's the dupe..

When I took the boys for haircuts ($50!!!!! never again.. I always cut their hair.. just thought I'd try a "professional" yeah no.. I thought about that $50 for days.. lol) anywho.. while we were there we're talking to the hair lady.. or as Ayden kept calling her "the girl barba" (the girl barber) .. so were making small chit chat.. she's asking the boys' age and what grades they're in and I'm a gabber who loves talking about her babies so I'm goin on and on.. and Ayden outta no where goes "How old are you?" to the lady.. her name is Mary.. I'm like "Ayden! You don't ask people that.. especially women." So he's like yeah whatever.. on to the next thought.. then a few seconds later tells her "My dad is 30. And my mom is 21." She stopped mid cut and was like whoa! She didn't say anything but she knew Gavin was my kid and he's 11.. ha! I quickly informed her that I told him that like a year ago and Mr. Memory kept it stored.. so um yeah.. he keeps telling me "Mom, your ganna be 22!"

Yes Ayden I am.. ok.. that's all she wrote..

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