Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Gavin's teacher called me today.. not good.. apparently he "whacked" some kid in class.. but the other kid admitted that he hit Gavin first.. *rolls eyes* like seriously.. me and Frank JUST got done talking to Gavin about the importance of education and just making sure he was doing his best and yada yada yada.. deaf. ears.

So I told him he is punished for 9 days.. Nine just happen to have it end on a Sunday (I love my fresh starts on Monday) but then he has surgery on Tuesday so I said he can have a freebie day that day.. did I mention that?? The surgery?? Yeah a couple of years ago he grew a mole.. ok wait I'm thinking writing this sounds pretty familiar.. anywho.. long story short.. it grew back and we go on the 16th to get it removed. again. *shakes head*

Yeah.. not the best of days.. but whatever.. we're okay.. it'll all work itself out..

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