Saturday, March 20, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

My town held it's annual Easter Egg Hunt for the kids today.. I've never gone before.. I'm not a fan of going to new places where there is going to be swarms of people.. but then the kids miss out.. so even though I did not want to go.. we went..

My friend Megan said she was going with her kids.. and our kids play together.. so I thought it'd be super fun for them.. she told me that when she went two years ago they didn't bring baskets and the kids needed them.. so I woke up this morning (with a car that wouldn't start because I let it run out of gas.. again) and had to either run to Target for the kids' baskets or figure out something we could use at the house.. I thought milk gallons would be cool because they're big enough and they have a handle.. so digging in my recyle bin I went..

I had the boys decorate them and whalah!

Gavin goes "Mom, imagine we're the only kids with milk jugs!"

I was like "Uhh.. your DEFINITELY going to be the only kids with milk jugs!" haha

So we get there and we're told the kids can only pick up two eggs each.. HUH?!?! I'm ticked.. I came to this egg hunt that I didn't even wanna go to.. and now the kids can only grab TWO eggs?! What's the point?! But whatever.. it's not like we were going to take the kids and leave..

They had three age groups set up 1-3.. 4-7.. and 8-13.. I had a kid in each.. LOL

So Ethan went first and he was SO excited.. while we waited on line I kept saying "Look at the BALLS! Wanna get a ball?" He knows "balls" not "eggs" so..

The deal was that you took your two eggs to the booth next door and THEY opened the eggs and you either had candy or you had a "winner" (which turned out to be a flower eraser) and that meant you won a basket.. Ethan had an eraser in one of his eggs! I couldn't believe the basket they gave him.. it was an easter basket filled with goodies.. it had a big, foamy number puzzle, bubbles with a big wand, a chicken toy thingy, and a blowup egg..

Then it was time for Ayden's turn, but he had candy in both his eggs (no eraser).. I told him he could have Ethan's stuff tho cause I felt bad.. not that he seemed to mind at all.. he seemed content with the candy..

Then Gavin went and he won too! His basket was a bucket filled with a bank, playing cards, and a little light saber..

After all the kids went.. there were apparently a lot of baskets left over.. so they let the kids go get another two eggs each.. I peeked inside Ethan's eggs now that I knew the eraser meant you won.. and he won again! But I gave the egg to Ayden because then he'd get a basket age appropriate for him instead of another baby one.. yeah so all three came home with big ol baskets!! Oh, Ayden's had two water guns, light saber, cards.. and.. I think something else.. I'm SOOO glad we went..

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