Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Death by Chocolate

My mom came up today and made me a death by chocolate cake.. it was sooo good I had three pieces.. so far..

It's chocolate cake, then crushed up oreo cookie pie crust, then chocolate mousse then cool whip.. then do it all over again.. she piped the top layer of cool whip to make it purdy.. omg so good.. my mom just told me that one time she used vanilla cake, strawberries and coolwhip.. that sounds pretty yum too..

I am not the best photo taker.. but here are a few shot I got of the boys that I think are so cute..

He would NOT leave me alone while I was putting groceries away so he got bribed with an oreo dipper to stay outta my hair.. it was a win-win for both of us.. don't mind his seat being on the floor.. it was a temporary make shift..

And here are the other two knuckleheads.. I love this picture.. it's HARD getting a cute normal one of either of these two.. you'd think the baby would be hard.. but he's actually pretty easy..

And here's my future husband.. I told him "Ayd, let's take a pic of us." and he's like "No wait! Let's kiss!" ha.. my little admirer.. I love my A-dawg..

Oh, and Gavin made me a card today (better late than never) and put $20 in it! How fricken cute is he?!?! OF COURSE I didn't take it.. but seriously.. he is so generous and a complete pleaser.. what 11 yo wants to give away $20.. he only has $30.. (he got it for getting Student of the Month) .. he takes after his mommy.. wink

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