Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear Ethan,

Mommy loves you, but you are a monster. Me and daddy are in big trouble when you get older.. We think raising Gavin and Ayden is hard.. but we can already tell.. you're going to be even harder.. let's backtrack and let me just tell you what you were doing at 8 months old.. you were scaling your baby gate.. to the very TOP! Gavin and Ayden were hardly crawling at 8 months and you were climbing a gate..

You don't listen very well.. at all.. We say "Get down!" when you start climbing the steps.. but do you listen? No.. you just laugh at us.. If you get really mad because you can't have your way you spit and hit us.. Oh wait.. let me just get the photographic proof for that one!

You were outside the other day.. and you picked up a stick and put it in your mouth.. so I of course said "Icky! No mouth!" but did you listen?? Nope.. So then I stood up to take it from you and you tried to hit your mother with it.. tisk tisk..

And since you don't listen when I say "Don't touch!" I have to just keep everything and anything out of your reach.. we have NOTHING in our house that you are not allowed to have below 36 inches off the floor.. here you are trying your darnedest (with me sitting right there still telling you NO) reaching for the pencil I put out of your reach.. well, I thought it was out of your reach.. but after I snapped this picture.. you got it!

THEN.. a few seconds later.. you went and took Ayden's soda can! *Give me strength!*

You weren't giving that up either.. so I had to take it from you and you were not happy.. I can't remember, but I'm guessing you spit at me for this..

And since when did you learn how to ride a scooter?!?!

I love you baby.. and you better enjoy being the "baby" cause you are surely moma's LAST!!!

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