Friday, March 5, 2010

A Day in the Life Of Me

So I am joining Kelly this week in her Show Us Your Life.. A day in the life of me edition..

A typical school day for me goes sutten like this (actually it goes exactly like this.. often):

6:45 My alarm goes off.. I hit snooze until 7:20

7:20 I come downstairs to find my 11yo son completely ready for school and waiting at the door for his friend’s father (seriously how awesome is my son for being able to get up and ready all by himself every single morning?!)

7:30 I head back upstairs to get Ayden dressed while he lays there like a lump on a log

7:35 I get Ayden set up with breakfast and TV

7:40 I head back upstairs to get Ethan who has been babbling to himself since about 7am

8:00 We are out the door to take Ayden to school

8:30 – 10:30 Me and Ethan hang out.. watching tv, playing, I get a little straightening up done and just relax with my little man

10:30 – 12:30 Ethan goes down for his nap and I catch up with my blogs, do some schoolwork (I take online classes), do some chores, chat with my girlfriends, etc.

12:30 – 2:00 Freebie time again.. we have lunch and just hang out, run errands if there are any

2:00 We head out the door to get Gavin and Ayden from school

3:00 Homework, catch up with the boys about how their day was, they relax and I watch Dr Oz

4:00 I put my Judge Judy on and TRY to watch her, but by this time the house is chaotic and I’m dealing with three hungry and bored children while trying to get dinner on the table

5:00 We eat dinner, then straighten up, the boys take baths or showers and we just enjoy the last bit of our day together

6:30 Ethan goes to bed and the house becomes a No Loud Noise Zone so the older two usually finish up their baths, watch tv, play games, or chill and hang out

7:00 I head up to my room to start my school work and am usually sleeping by 11pm

Frank and I talk in spurts from 7:00 – 11:00 .. he is usually tired or busy with his computer game and I have to get my school deadlines met, so we usually do our own thing and then take a break every half hour or so and come chat for a few minutes.. we also send texts to each other from different rooms.. this may seem ridiculous to some, but it totally works for us.. we are connected, but we get the much needed alone time as well..

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