Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Crazy Neighbor

My parents bought this house in 1960.. and most of my neighbors have lived here since I was a little girl.. my brothers and I grew up with everyone's kids.. it's awesome.. a few neighbors have moved in more recently, none newer than 5 years ago.. so basically we know everyone.. smile when we see them.. and mind our own business.. as do they.. there's never been a problem with any of our neighbors..

Until tonight..

And of course it involves ME..

Ayden asked me if he could run from corner to corner.. I don't like him close to the corners so I told him he could run from our mailbox to "the blue car" which was parked about three houses down from us.. Gavin then wanted to go too since I hardly ever let them out of the backyard..

I went out there to peek on them SECONDS later and I hear a man yelling.. I assumed the yelling was coming from the house with the blue car parked in front of it (one of the newer neighbors) because I've heard the father and his older son yell at each other before.. I see my kids walking back towards our house.. and they are staring at the house that the yelling is coming from..

I don't know why.. but all of a sudden it dawned on me that this guy might be yelling at MY kids and not his son.. I scream towards Gavin "Is he yelling at you guys?!" and Gavin says yeah. (OH HELL NO!!!!) I put the baby down inside and take off towards his house.. barefoot..

He's in his doorway with the door half opened..

ME: "Did you just yell at my kids?"

NASTY NEIGHBOR: "Yeah, they were trying to break into my car!"

ME: "What!?! NO they WEREN'T!!"

NN: "You calling me a liar?!"

ME: "NOOOO!!! I'm calling you a PSYCHO!!" "My kids were NOT trying to BREAK INTO YOUR CAR!!!"

He kept yelling.. I am not too sure of what he was saying after that.. I mean I thought maybe Ayden ran on his grass or something.. and then I was just going to be like "Don't yell at my kids.. if you have a problem.. just come talk to me or my husband." But to say my kids were trying to break into his car is asinine.. on top of the fact they had left my house not even a minute before that.. they literally ran to his house three doors down and I heard the yelling.. maybe he was drunk.. I mean I don't know him at all.. I just can't imagine a sane sober person yelling at my two little scrawny YOUNG children and yell at them like that.. insane..

I'm kinda glad it happened though.. First of all , it gives my children proof that I was not lying to them all the many times I've told them there are bad people out there.. Secondly, I don't have to worry about them asking me to run or ride their bikes on the sidewalk for a very long time.. AND honestly I kind of enjoy yelling at old grumpy fat men who yell at little kids.. plus my Gavin said "Thanks for sticking up for us mom." which totally melted my heart..

So um yeah.. oh, and did I mention I went to school with his son who is a few years older than me? Yeah, that'll make for an interesting encounter next time.. Anywho.. just wanted to store that story in the memory I will never forget (aka my blog).. off to write some essays for school.. fun fun..

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