Thursday, March 18, 2010

Biting Brats

I picked Ayden up from school today.. he came running at me a million miles per hour as usual.. we walked home.. had some friends over.. they all played, made a total mess, and had some snacks.. then outta no where Ayden said his belly hurt, then his head.. he was passed out on the couch by like 8pm.. but he just recently woke up to yuke in the garbage can.. I so do not do puke very well.. I can handle any kind of diaper mess.. but yuke is too much for me.. thankfully Frank doesn't mind it as much.. he can't do bad diapers too well.. which I don't mind.. so it works out.. haha.. just in case you wondering! lol

I can't believe how quick these kids get sick.. I just hope he gets over it as quick.. I was supposed to have conferences with his teacher tomorrow afternoon.. but that ain't happening.. which actually is AOK with me because Frank has work so I'd have to bring Ayden and Ethan with me.. Ayd would be fine.. but Ethan would have a field day in that Kindergarten room.. those teachers think their students are messy.. ha! Wait till they see my monster..

Speaking of.. he bit Gavin today on the wrist.. pretty hard.. right in front of me.. so I took his wrist and bit him to teach him a lesson.. and he laughed at me and gave me his wrist for me to do it again... ?!?!?! I mean I think I bit it hard enough to hurt.. I obviously didn't do it too hard.. but yeah.. THAT was his reaction..

I remember Ayden was the WORST biter ever.. I went to pick him up from daycare one day and he had 16 bite marks on his arms.. I gave the teachers the nastiest look as if they allowed my child to be mauled by some horribly bad child.. ummm no.. HE did it to himself.. I was like "No way!" and they showed me how each bite mark lined up perfectly with HIS mouth.. one day in the tub he bit me.. (big no no) and I grabbed his finger and bit him back and he never bit anyone.. including himself again..

Not so with Ethan apparently..

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