Monday, March 8, 2010

Ayden's Overly Sudsy Bath

I WISH I had a picture to show u my story.. I DID get a new camera today.. but it wasn't quite the moment to step away and get the camera..

Yeah so.. I set Ayden up with a bath and I'm running about.. doing dishes.. and getting laundry done.. when I end up in his room and see a can of soda (oh no he didn't!) and thennnn I see a (small) puddle of soda next to the can.. (ok that's it! where is he?!)

So I head downstairs to the bathroom to basically scare him.. I mean I definitely do not allow food or drinks upstairs.. but I wasn't going to punish him.. just raise my voice and hope that next time he decided against being a sloppy little sneak..

So um yeah.. I open the bathroom door and there's Ayden.. buck naked and soaking wet standing on my toilet.. on top of his PJs and underwear that he's supposed to put on.. covered in suds.. leaning over the sink.. dripping water off his body onto my toilet paper.. holding a cup of water over his head trying to get the shampoo out?!?!?!?!?!?!

Forget the soda right.. I'm dumbfounded at this point.. I mean.. ur fricken soaking wet.. WHY are you standing on your PJs on my toilet?? grrr....

Apparently "He forgot he could just dunk his head in the tub to rinse the shampoo out." that was his story and homeboy was sticking to it.. but I know the truth.. because when I got him back in the tub and tried getting the shampoo out I realized it was really lathered in there.. one quick glance to my formerly full, but now half empty bottle of kid shampoo told me that he tried to get it off in the tub but the tub was covered with suds.. as was he.. so he was just trying to get the soap out and the sink had non soapy water.. makes sense right?

Aiy yi yi

He cried.. I felt bad.. gave him his TV back.. he promised to not bring soda or food upstairs.. he also promised to not get out of the tub sopping wet.. and we moved on..

Soooo.. I got a new camera.. yay!! I am too tired to upload any pictures tho.. but that's okay because that'll be my post for tomorrow.. oh and I'll post my mom's cake..

Oh.. BTW.. it's my birthday.. and I had a fabulous day.. basically just like planned.. breakfast, camera, chill.. no card.. camera was my gift.. and it's a good one.. I really like it.. but okay.. ta ta

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