Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday

MckMama created a fun little game called "Not Me Monday" .. I love it! You can write about all the bad, funny, silly, embarrassing things you didn't do.. for example..

I did NOT call my neighbor a psycho this week while looking like a hot mess.. I would never get into a screaming match in public with a stranger..

I did NOT walk around with a pimple the size of Mt. Rushmore on my face this week.. I have porcelain like skin and never get blemishes!

I did NOT stay up until after 2am the other night finishing a book.. knowing darn well that I was going to be a complete cranky pants the next morning.. I am a responsible mother who always gets plenty of rest..

What say you?? Wanna join in.. there's a giveaway this week to someone who enters..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Crazy Neighbor

My parents bought this house in 1960.. and most of my neighbors have lived here since I was a little girl.. my brothers and I grew up with everyone's kids.. it's awesome.. a few neighbors have moved in more recently, none newer than 5 years ago.. so basically we know everyone.. smile when we see them.. and mind our own business.. as do they.. there's never been a problem with any of our neighbors..

Until tonight..

And of course it involves ME..

Ayden asked me if he could run from corner to corner.. I don't like him close to the corners so I told him he could run from our mailbox to "the blue car" which was parked about three houses down from us.. Gavin then wanted to go too since I hardly ever let them out of the backyard..

I went out there to peek on them SECONDS later and I hear a man yelling.. I assumed the yelling was coming from the house with the blue car parked in front of it (one of the newer neighbors) because I've heard the father and his older son yell at each other before.. I see my kids walking back towards our house.. and they are staring at the house that the yelling is coming from..

I don't know why.. but all of a sudden it dawned on me that this guy might be yelling at MY kids and not his son.. I scream towards Gavin "Is he yelling at you guys?!" and Gavin says yeah. (OH HELL NO!!!!) I put the baby down inside and take off towards his house.. barefoot..

He's in his doorway with the door half opened..

ME: "Did you just yell at my kids?"

NASTY NEIGHBOR: "Yeah, they were trying to break into my car!"

ME: "What!?! NO they WEREN'T!!"

NN: "You calling me a liar?!"

ME: "NOOOO!!! I'm calling you a PSYCHO!!" "My kids were NOT trying to BREAK INTO YOUR CAR!!!"

He kept yelling.. I am not too sure of what he was saying after that.. I mean I thought maybe Ayden ran on his grass or something.. and then I was just going to be like "Don't yell at my kids.. if you have a problem.. just come talk to me or my husband." But to say my kids were trying to break into his car is asinine.. on top of the fact they had left my house not even a minute before that.. they literally ran to his house three doors down and I heard the yelling.. maybe he was drunk.. I mean I don't know him at all.. I just can't imagine a sane sober person yelling at my two little scrawny YOUNG children and yell at them like that.. insane..

I'm kinda glad it happened though.. First of all , it gives my children proof that I was not lying to them all the many times I've told them there are bad people out there.. Secondly, I don't have to worry about them asking me to run or ride their bikes on the sidewalk for a very long time.. AND honestly I kind of enjoy yelling at old grumpy fat men who yell at little kids.. plus my Gavin said "Thanks for sticking up for us mom." which totally melted my heart..

So um yeah.. oh, and did I mention I went to school with his son who is a few years older than me? Yeah, that'll make for an interesting encounter next time.. Anywho.. just wanted to store that story in the memory I will never forget (aka my blog).. off to write some essays for school.. fun fun..

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear Ethan,

Mommy loves you, but you are a monster. Me and daddy are in big trouble when you get older.. We think raising Gavin and Ayden is hard.. but we can already tell.. you're going to be even harder.. let's backtrack and let me just tell you what you were doing at 8 months old.. you were scaling your baby gate.. to the very TOP! Gavin and Ayden were hardly crawling at 8 months and you were climbing a gate..

You don't listen very well.. at all.. We say "Get down!" when you start climbing the steps.. but do you listen? No.. you just laugh at us.. If you get really mad because you can't have your way you spit and hit us.. Oh wait.. let me just get the photographic proof for that one!

You were outside the other day.. and you picked up a stick and put it in your mouth.. so I of course said "Icky! No mouth!" but did you listen?? Nope.. So then I stood up to take it from you and you tried to hit your mother with it.. tisk tisk..

And since you don't listen when I say "Don't touch!" I have to just keep everything and anything out of your reach.. we have NOTHING in our house that you are not allowed to have below 36 inches off the floor.. here you are trying your darnedest (with me sitting right there still telling you NO) reaching for the pencil I put out of your reach.. well, I thought it was out of your reach.. but after I snapped this picture.. you got it!

THEN.. a few seconds later.. you went and took Ayden's soda can! *Give me strength!*

You weren't giving that up either.. so I had to take it from you and you were not happy.. I can't remember, but I'm guessing you spit at me for this..

And since when did you learn how to ride a scooter?!?!

I love you baby.. and you better enjoy being the "baby" cause you are surely moma's LAST!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

My town held it's annual Easter Egg Hunt for the kids today.. I've never gone before.. I'm not a fan of going to new places where there is going to be swarms of people.. but then the kids miss out.. so even though I did not want to go.. we went..

My friend Megan said she was going with her kids.. and our kids play together.. so I thought it'd be super fun for them.. she told me that when she went two years ago they didn't bring baskets and the kids needed them.. so I woke up this morning (with a car that wouldn't start because I let it run out of gas.. again) and had to either run to Target for the kids' baskets or figure out something we could use at the house.. I thought milk gallons would be cool because they're big enough and they have a handle.. so digging in my recyle bin I went..

I had the boys decorate them and whalah!

Gavin goes "Mom, imagine we're the only kids with milk jugs!"

I was like "Uhh.. your DEFINITELY going to be the only kids with milk jugs!" haha

So we get there and we're told the kids can only pick up two eggs each.. HUH?!?! I'm ticked.. I came to this egg hunt that I didn't even wanna go to.. and now the kids can only grab TWO eggs?! What's the point?! But whatever.. it's not like we were going to take the kids and leave..

They had three age groups set up 1-3.. 4-7.. and 8-13.. I had a kid in each.. LOL

So Ethan went first and he was SO excited.. while we waited on line I kept saying "Look at the BALLS! Wanna get a ball?" He knows "balls" not "eggs" so..

The deal was that you took your two eggs to the booth next door and THEY opened the eggs and you either had candy or you had a "winner" (which turned out to be a flower eraser) and that meant you won a basket.. Ethan had an eraser in one of his eggs! I couldn't believe the basket they gave him.. it was an easter basket filled with goodies.. it had a big, foamy number puzzle, bubbles with a big wand, a chicken toy thingy, and a blowup egg..

Then it was time for Ayden's turn, but he had candy in both his eggs (no eraser).. I told him he could have Ethan's stuff tho cause I felt bad.. not that he seemed to mind at all.. he seemed content with the candy..

Then Gavin went and he won too! His basket was a bucket filled with a bank, playing cards, and a little light saber..

After all the kids went.. there were apparently a lot of baskets left over.. so they let the kids go get another two eggs each.. I peeked inside Ethan's eggs now that I knew the eraser meant you won.. and he won again! But I gave the egg to Ayden because then he'd get a basket age appropriate for him instead of another baby one.. yeah so all three came home with big ol baskets!! Oh, Ayden's had two water guns, light saber, cards.. and.. I think something else.. I'm SOOO glad we went..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Biting Brats

I picked Ayden up from school today.. he came running at me a million miles per hour as usual.. we walked home.. had some friends over.. they all played, made a total mess, and had some snacks.. then outta no where Ayden said his belly hurt, then his head.. he was passed out on the couch by like 8pm.. but he just recently woke up to yuke in the garbage can.. I so do not do puke very well.. I can handle any kind of diaper mess.. but yuke is too much for me.. thankfully Frank doesn't mind it as much.. he can't do bad diapers too well.. which I don't mind.. so it works out.. haha.. just in case you wondering! lol

I can't believe how quick these kids get sick.. I just hope he gets over it as quick.. I was supposed to have conferences with his teacher tomorrow afternoon.. but that ain't happening.. which actually is AOK with me because Frank has work so I'd have to bring Ayden and Ethan with me.. Ayd would be fine.. but Ethan would have a field day in that Kindergarten room.. those teachers think their students are messy.. ha! Wait till they see my monster..

Speaking of.. he bit Gavin today on the wrist.. pretty hard.. right in front of me.. so I took his wrist and bit him to teach him a lesson.. and he laughed at me and gave me his wrist for me to do it again... ?!?!?! I mean I think I bit it hard enough to hurt.. I obviously didn't do it too hard.. but yeah.. THAT was his reaction..

I remember Ayden was the WORST biter ever.. I went to pick him up from daycare one day and he had 16 bite marks on his arms.. I gave the teachers the nastiest look as if they allowed my child to be mauled by some horribly bad child.. ummm no.. HE did it to himself.. I was like "No way!" and they showed me how each bite mark lined up perfectly with HIS mouth.. one day in the tub he bit me.. (big no no) and I grabbed his finger and bit him back and he never bit anyone.. including himself again..

Not so with Ethan apparently..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green & Whites.. & Gavin's Scalp

Happy Saint Patty's Day..

My BFF Jaime came over with some "black and whites" which is basically a flat cupcake with half chocolate icing.. half vanilla.. we both buy a couple.. cut them in half.. eat only the vanilla and then pawn the chocolate parts of on our kids.. ha!

Well today she went into our local bakery and saw GREEN and whites!! and THAT can only mean ONE thing.. DOUBLE VANILLA!!!!!! cause you know they didn't dye chocolate icing green.. So she did what any respectable BFF would do.. she bought us 6 and came on over..

She suggested we give Ethan one.. he was STOKED!!!

I was doing the dishes while Jaime took the pics.. and I was so lazy tired that I didn't want to give him a bath.. but he obviously NEEDED one.. so I just threw him in the sink.. cause that way I could have my cup of coffee and BS with Jaime.


On a more serious note..

My Gavin had surgery yesterday.. a few years ago he had a mole removed from the side of his head.. turned out to be a bad one.. they had to do surgery to make sure they got all the bad cells out.. well it left the poor kid with a bald spot on the left side of his head..

We are total jokers in this family.. and we all pick on each other to make each other laugh.. In fact, one time he drew an ugly picture of me to be funny.. so I (of course) drew one of him.. and I gave him a bald spot.. ha! After his surgery yesterday he told me I needed to come up with new material.. LOL .. love that kid..

So anyway.. 4 new moles grew back.. well.. the beginning of 4 new ones.. one was bigger and raised.. the other three looked like freckles.. buuuut since we new it was melanoma last time.. I took him right in to the dermatologist who originally removed the mole.. they were not the surgeons who went back in and removed the chunk of skin around the mole.. they just scraped the mole off and had it sent out.. once it came back as a bad one.. they recommended I find a surgeon.. and we did..

So when I took him back to the dermatologist.. they had relocated.. gotten a bigger office.. and a bigger team of doctors.. one of which is a surgeon! So now I had to decide to go back to the first surgeon who said that a child so young, getting skin cancer on the side of his head (not like on his nose, or shoulders, or back.. exposed areas) was a fluke.. and once he removed it.. it would basically be over with for good.. sooo did he maybe not remove it all?? Or did it grow back?? Do I find a new surgeon?? How would I know if HE/SHE would be any better?? hrm..

In the end it came down to what Gavin wanted.. if we went back to the first doctor.. Gavin would be knocked out for the procedure, at a hospital, and likely have his head shaved.. which is what happened the first time.. orrrr we could try the surgeon whose office we were already at.. we already had the referral.. Gavin would not have to be knocked out or go to a hospital.. they have the surgeon do it right there in the office..

In the end.. Gavin decided to go with the new guy.. wanna know why?? Because he told Gavin he wouldn't shave head like the first guy.. THAT was the deciding factor.. for him at least.. I also preferred the new guy.. because (A) I thought the other dr maybe didn't get it all.. (B) I don't like change.. and we were now familiar with THIS office and this staff (C) Gavin wouldn't be knocked out!! That was MY deciding factor..

Anywho.. here is his "bald spot" before we went in yesterday..

See the little moles beginning to develop again??

We walk in and the surgeon introduces himself.. he gives us some small chit chat to make us comfortable with him cutting our son's scalp.. and then he says

"What is up with that bald spot? That is ugly!"

I'm IRATE!!! It's one thing for US to make fun of his bald spot.. and we're JOKING.. he is NOT family and NOT joking.. then he says that he is going to fix it so that there's no bald spot and he can't believe a surgeon did that to him..

I say "How are you ganna make hair grow there?!"

I didn't think that one through!! He basically said it was like a tummy tuck.. he was going to cut out the bald spot.. which he was doing anyway.. and then pull the skin together and sew it up.. No more bald spot?! AWESOME!!

When we were in the waiting room.. some child.. a boy.. was screaming so loud in pain from the office area we were waiting to go in to.. he was like "Stop it!! Noooo!!! Owww!!!" I mean it was BAD!!!!! We tried to ignore it and kept on talking.. but Gavin was not letting that slide by.. he had his mouth completely opened and was like "Do you hear that?!" "What's going on in there?!" He was a bit freaked.. and honestly.. so were we!

We made a few jokes about how the kid was just a pansy who was getting his nails clipped.. and thankfully it stopped.. aiy yi yi

I asked the surgeon if I could be in the room while he got the needle to the head because I knew that was the bad part.. once it was numb I felt confident that he would be okay.. GUESS what the surgeon says?? "Oh you can be in the room for all of it."

WHAT??? You are cutting my son's scalp.. and a good chunk of it.. and you think IIIIIII can handle seeing that?? Oh no no!!

I told Gavin I couldn't do that.. LOL He was like "Ma, you're leaving?!"

Of course I couldn't really go.. but I seriously didn't think I'd be allowed in there.. so it never crossed my mind that I would have to look at it being done to my son's head.. I didn't think I would make it without puking, or crying, or something.. he was a champ through it all!!! He flinched a bit with the needles.. of course.. but during the surgery.. he was awesome.. didn't flinch.. didn't cry.. just laid there.. he even make a few jokes..

No more bald spot.. I can't believe it!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Videos for Grandma

Hi Carol,

This definitely is not the best video footage.. practice makes perfect right? Ethan wouldn't talk or do any of his monkey tricks.. sigh.. you'll see them in person soon enough though! I sure hope the videos work.. *fingers crossed*

Not Me Monday

Not Me Mondays.. I lurve em I tell ya!!

I did NOT tell my 18 month to "Give me that!" referring to his toy in his hand solely because I knew he would run away from me and then I'd be able to finish up reading my news online.. I would never encourage my child to not listen to me.. because that is asinine.. and I am NOT..

I did NOT notice a stranger in my neighbors yard dumping garbage bags in his yard and precede to open my front door and yell at him.. I would never scream out my door to someone across the street.. nor would I mistake the owner of the house as a stranger! Not me!

I did NOT just have a bowl of chili and brown rice with jalapeno chips for breakfast.. I am always conscious of my eating and would never eat such a breakfast.. never!

I did NOT threaten my husband with another child or no sex (I didn't know which was worse for him so I threw both out there) if he did not run to the pharmacy at 8pm in the rain for my birth control which I had forgotten to get for a few days.. I never go below the belt and use threats!

Oh and um yeah.. I did NOT give Ethan stove top, then oreo sticks, then half an ice pop this morning for breakfast so I could enjoy my chili and chips granola and fruit.. that is so ghetto.. and I certainly am NOT!

Wanna join in?? Just link up to MckMamas bloggy blog..

Sunday, March 14, 2010


How could God allow us to procreate and not give us a step by step pamphlet.. I mean WHAT am I supposed to do when Ayden pulls up a chair, leaps into a tumblesault MID AIR and lands on the couch.. as if that wasn't bad enough.. Ethan then climbs up onto the chair that Ayden initially plunged off of.. and HE tries to do a tumblesault too.. I ran and caught him.. but seriously.. WHAT is the appropriate reaction to that situation..

MY reaction went something like..

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUUUUUU!!!!!! THAT is what you wanna teach your brother?! You want him to fall off the couch and crack his head open?! You're NOT allowed to jump on the couch!!! Isn't that what I tell you EVERY SINGLE day!??!?! Get in time out! Nowww!!

Or how about when Gavin's teacher called me last week to tell me that she turned around for a minute and when she looked back at the class "Gavin whacked another student." The other kid apparently admitted that he hit Gavin first, but still.. The teacher, following protocol, called SECURITY.. and they both had "time out".. what?? Time out?? Isn't that called in school suspension? And to boot this was like his friend.. so it wasn't even like Gavin was defending himself.. he was basically rough housing in class.. uhh okaaay.. thanks Gav.. I LOVE getting phone calls in which the teacher tells me your goofing off and disrupting her class.. awesome..

My reaction to that one was a week of punishment.. no tv, video games, cell phone..

and Ethan is giving those two a run for their money.. a total menace that one.. he climbs up the stairs and laughs when I tell him to get down.. he touches the stove.. he LOVES going in the garbage can.. he goes into the cabinets.. ya know.. the ones with the childproof locks.. yeah those.. *rolls eyes* I mean.. what do you do.. yell?? Doesn't work.. Remove him?? It's only temporary.. Put him in a safe place like the play pen so I can finish doing the dishes?? He climbs right out!

If my children grow up to be hardened criminals.. is it like MY fault??

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ethan Eyes

Everyone I talk to tells the same story.. me included.. the one where we say how miserable we are with a particular aspect of our life.. such as working out, or eating right, or having more patience with the kids, or being lazy.. whatever you want to improve.. but yet day after day, month after month, year after year.. we do nothing about it.. why is that?? Why are we programmed to want success and have it so easily attained.. yet we just live life letting true happiness within ourselves slip right by us.. I mean it's really not that hard to eat right, exercise, pray, be patient.. we ACT like it is.. but it's not.. I could wake up and eat right.. I could go food shopping and not purchase the crap that I don't wanna eat.. I could get my tush up off the couch and pop in a workout DVD.. I could get up off the couch and repaint my disgusting cabinets.. buuuuuuut I don't..

I wonder if in like 20 years I will be the girl (well, woman) that I dream of being today.. like will I one day wake up and take better care of myself and even more importantly feel better about myself.. and if so how bad will it suck that I wasted so many years procrastinating.. or will I never know what it feels like to be that girl..

the girl who wakes up early and makes herself some healthy herbal tea with lemon and honey and then sits outside and talks to God.. then she wakes her family up and shows them patience and kindness and love all day long.. then she cleans her house and does whatever it is she does.. I mean I don't know what YOUR success is.. but mine is to be closer to God, to live off the foods He has given to us, and to make Him proud of me every day..

I am really bummed that I let myself waste the past year and a half.. me and Frank both.. he's been unemployed and we both kinda just let ourselves go.. we hardly ever ever ever leave the house.. we're not grumpy or anything.. I mean it's a pretty cool environment in our house.. but we used to both be active and now.. total frumps.. and that affects your mood.. it really does..

But enough with me complaining.. I thought maybe I shouldn't write about this because I want to be able to look back at this blog and just have happy memories of the boys and me and Frank.. but as superficial as this seems.. it really is important.. it's important to be healthy.. and to feel proud of your accomplishments on any given day.. if you lay around all day.. ya kinda go to bed feeling like a loser.. not that IIIII would know *cough cough* anything about that.. I just heard that from other people..

So once again I will strive for today, now in fact, to be my rebirth.. the day I let the lazy blah Nicole die a quick painless death.. and in her ashes will be reborn a vibrant, fresh, go getter who accomplishes most, if not all, of the tasks she writes on her pretty little To Do Lists every morning.. now if I can just find that lighter..


On a lighter (ah "lighter" get it?! haha!!!) note.. the baby is growing up waaaaay too quickly.. I swear he said like 15 new words today!! I'm so sad.. I don't want to be done with babies.. although since I'm not having any more and he's growing up.. I'm ganna be there quicker than I'd like.. but yeah he totally said "dude" today after I said it in a loud singing voice to my friend Jaime.. I was like "DUUUUUUUUDE" and he repeated me with a "dooooo." He also said "family" when Laurie Berkner came on with the song "family".. he said "faaa" every time the song and I sang the word "family" he also sang two other words from other songs..

I actually teared up to Frank about being sad that I'm done with raising babies.. I'm only 31.. and newly 31 at that I might add.. but we have 3 and really I can't deal with any more.. plus we don't want to cram them into rooms together.. plus my truck is only a 5 seater.. oh, and the fact that I don't want any more kids ordering me around all day for food or drinks or get me this or get me that.. so um yeah.. we're done.. but it's sad.. I so want to be pregnant and I really want to name a few more babies.. ha! But I don't wanna get up with them or raise them..

Oh I totally jinxed myself the other day when I posted that getting a cute normal pic of the older two was hard, but that the baby was so easy to photograph.. yeah okaaaaay.. all of sudden he started squinting his eyes whenever I put a camera in front of his face.. It probably would be that bad if there was any kind of variation.. but this is the only face I'm getting lately..

haha.. total goofball..

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Gavin's teacher called me today.. not good.. apparently he "whacked" some kid in class.. but the other kid admitted that he hit Gavin first.. *rolls eyes* like seriously.. me and Frank JUST got done talking to Gavin about the importance of education and just making sure he was doing his best and yada yada yada.. deaf. ears.

So I told him he is punished for 9 days.. Nine just happen to have it end on a Sunday (I love my fresh starts on Monday) but then he has surgery on Tuesday so I said he can have a freebie day that day.. did I mention that?? The surgery?? Yeah a couple of years ago he grew a mole.. ok wait I'm thinking writing this sounds pretty familiar.. anywho.. long story short.. it grew back and we go on the 16th to get it removed. again. *shakes head*

Yeah.. not the best of days.. but whatever.. we're okay.. it'll all work itself out..

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Death by Chocolate

My mom came up today and made me a death by chocolate cake.. it was sooo good I had three pieces.. so far..

It's chocolate cake, then crushed up oreo cookie pie crust, then chocolate mousse then cool whip.. then do it all over again.. she piped the top layer of cool whip to make it purdy.. omg so good.. my mom just told me that one time she used vanilla cake, strawberries and coolwhip.. that sounds pretty yum too..

I am not the best photo taker.. but here are a few shot I got of the boys that I think are so cute..

He would NOT leave me alone while I was putting groceries away so he got bribed with an oreo dipper to stay outta my hair.. it was a win-win for both of us.. don't mind his seat being on the floor.. it was a temporary make shift..

And here are the other two knuckleheads.. I love this picture.. it's HARD getting a cute normal one of either of these two.. you'd think the baby would be hard.. but he's actually pretty easy..

And here's my future husband.. I told him "Ayd, let's take a pic of us." and he's like "No wait! Let's kiss!" ha.. my little admirer.. I love my A-dawg..

Oh, and Gavin made me a card today (better late than never) and put $20 in it! How fricken cute is he?!?! OF COURSE I didn't take it.. but seriously.. he is so generous and a complete pleaser.. what 11 yo wants to give away $20.. he only has $30.. (he got it for getting Student of the Month) .. he takes after his mommy.. wink

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ayden's Overly Sudsy Bath

I WISH I had a picture to show u my story.. I DID get a new camera today.. but it wasn't quite the moment to step away and get the camera..

Yeah so.. I set Ayden up with a bath and I'm running about.. doing dishes.. and getting laundry done.. when I end up in his room and see a can of soda (oh no he didn't!) and thennnn I see a (small) puddle of soda next to the can.. (ok that's it! where is he?!)

So I head downstairs to the bathroom to basically scare him.. I mean I definitely do not allow food or drinks upstairs.. but I wasn't going to punish him.. just raise my voice and hope that next time he decided against being a sloppy little sneak..

So um yeah.. I open the bathroom door and there's Ayden.. buck naked and soaking wet standing on my toilet.. on top of his PJs and underwear that he's supposed to put on.. covered in suds.. leaning over the sink.. dripping water off his body onto my toilet paper.. holding a cup of water over his head trying to get the shampoo out?!?!?!?!?!?!

Forget the soda right.. I'm dumbfounded at this point.. I mean.. ur fricken soaking wet.. WHY are you standing on your PJs on my toilet?? grrr....

Apparently "He forgot he could just dunk his head in the tub to rinse the shampoo out." that was his story and homeboy was sticking to it.. but I know the truth.. because when I got him back in the tub and tried getting the shampoo out I realized it was really lathered in there.. one quick glance to my formerly full, but now half empty bottle of kid shampoo told me that he tried to get it off in the tub but the tub was covered with suds.. as was he.. so he was just trying to get the soap out and the sink had non soapy water.. makes sense right?

Aiy yi yi

He cried.. I felt bad.. gave him his TV back.. he promised to not bring soda or food upstairs.. he also promised to not get out of the tub sopping wet.. and we moved on..

Soooo.. I got a new camera.. yay!! I am too tired to upload any pictures tho.. but that's okay because that'll be my post for tomorrow.. oh and I'll post my mom's cake..

Oh.. BTW.. it's my birthday.. and I had a fabulous day.. basically just like planned.. breakfast, camera, chill.. no card.. camera was my gift.. and it's a good one.. I really like it.. but okay.. ta ta

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Girl Barba

My 31st birthday is tomorrow.. I don't feel 9 years away from 40 AT ALL.. this month will be 8.5 years of me and Frank being together.. so basically in that same amount of time.. I'll be 40.. impossible!! I don't have any sad or unpleasant thoughts about turning 31.. in fact.. I love my birthday.. so long as Frank is super kind.. I don't necessarily care about gifts so much as I want to be spoiled.. I want Frank to be like "No honey, I'll do the dishes, it's your birthday." "Hon, I'll do that.. it's your birthday." THAT'S the best gift ever.. He's already told me a couple times today "Happy birthday eve." so I know he's ready.. although he did also say "I didn't get you a card." and looked at me hoping I'd say "Oh honey, I don't even like cards!" but I didn't.. I said "Well then it's a good thing it's not my birthday yet." with a smirk on my face.. I LOVE cards.. but he is so not a card person so I don't get my hopes up.. plus I hate that they charge $3 or more for a stinkin card.. I'd rather he just write me a poem or a love letter.. ok, I'm sounding pretty silly now.. but it's true.. those are the gifts I want.. ANNNND they're free.. helloooo.. win win..

So the plan is for us to go to breakfast with Ethan at my favorite mom and pop place that makes the lightest and fluffiest pancakes on Earth.. then we're going to try and snag me a new camera.. woo hoo.. but I'm frugal and really wanna get the most bang for my buck.. so I may come home empty handed and just try to find one online.. again.. I've been looking.. but the one that's really good is sold out.. how does something get "sold out" online anyways????

No birthday cake tomorrow.. cause I refuse to make my own cake and Frank has never done that.. and yes it is easy.. but he's never made anything except for meat.. ever so um yeah, we'll just wait until Tuesday because that's when my mom comes up to visit and she's making me a Death by Chocolate cake.. which I've heard describe many cakes.. none as cool as hers.. I'll take a picture.. with my new camera *wink*

I think I deleted this story in another post.. if not oh well.. here's the dupe..

When I took the boys for haircuts ($50!!!!! never again.. I always cut their hair.. just thought I'd try a "professional" yeah no.. I thought about that $50 for days.. lol) anywho.. while we were there we're talking to the hair lady.. or as Ayden kept calling her "the girl barba" (the girl barber) .. so were making small chit chat.. she's asking the boys' age and what grades they're in and I'm a gabber who loves talking about her babies so I'm goin on and on.. and Ayden outta no where goes "How old are you?" to the lady.. her name is Mary.. I'm like "Ayden! You don't ask people that.. especially women." So he's like yeah whatever.. on to the next thought.. then a few seconds later tells her "My dad is 30. And my mom is 21." She stopped mid cut and was like whoa! She didn't say anything but she knew Gavin was my kid and he's 11.. ha! I quickly informed her that I told him that like a year ago and Mr. Memory kept it stored.. so um yeah.. he keeps telling me "Mom, your ganna be 22!"

Yes Ayden I am.. ok.. that's all she wrote..

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lent .. take 2

Man I really kicked Lent to the curb this year.. more so than ever.. and ironically I feel closer to God than I ever have.. I stopped going to church.. partly because Frank's cranky in the morning and doesn't like to "babysit" his children so early.. and partly because I don't wanna get purdy and leave the house.. more so because of Frank *wink*

I plannnnn on going tomorrow.. we'll see how Frank and I feel.. I go alone.. Frank doesn't go and me taking the kids ain't happening.. we don't have a daycare.. and my children.. well, the younger two are monsters..

But anywho.. so yeah, totally ate meat yesterday and all.. my New Year's Resolutions went out the window as well.. I'm thinking my 31st birthday.. is the perfect time to start anew.. oh no wait.. I decided that I was going to start tomorrow.. or rather.. right NOW.. except it's bedtime.. so really it'll be tomorrow.. which is my birthday eve..

The plan is to order Chili's take out tomorrow since we have a $50 gift card for a late lunch / early dinner.. and then we're planning on going to Best Buy to get me a new camera.. FINALLY!!! Mine broke Christmas morning.. most people would be bummed that they're pictures look like they were highlighted with a yellow marker.. but I like the story that my camera broke on Christmas morning!! totally me!!

So yeah.. this pictureless blog wll be real snazzy soon .. hehe..

But uh, back to me getting my life in order.. yeesh.. I really need to drop 5 lbs.. not to lose weight because I am small and saying I wanna lose weight would make people give me dirty looks.. but I def have a good 20 lbs of fat.. so getting it down to 15 would be healthier.. I want to start eating salads and grow a garden.. annnnnnnnnnnd.. I do this all the time.. I write what I wanna change.. but never change any of it..

I need a motivational coach.. I used to think I wish Jillian Michaels (Biggest Loser is my FAVORITE show everrrrr) was my sister in law so I could call her and email her for free.. but there's some pretty shady stuff about her in the media lately.. so maybe she would charge me or ignore me if I were her SIL.. I'm retarted..

I took Ethan and Ayden to the park today to play because it was like 50 degrees.. and it was covered in snow.. I guess because of the trees?? even though they're bare?? I don't know.. my house doesn't have any snow left.. the parks only 10 miles away.. weird.. but Ethan went down the slide for the first time.. soooooo cute... I can't wait for the nicer weather.. he's ganna love it..

As we were leaving.. some little girl.. about 7 comes running up to the park area where we were and beat her sister in a race and looks at her mom and screams "I'm the fastest runner in the whole world!!" and Ayden's like "Uh, no your not." in this hysterical voice.. Jaime started cracking up.. I just did the instinctual "Ayyyydennnnn.. you don't say that!" not that it was even that rude of him.. I mean she was the one being rude.. being all braggy.. lol

Ok, sick of me yet?? No?? Okay great.. cause I can't sleep and I'm too lazy to go take a bath even though I really need one.. Oh, and while we were at our park.. Gavin went the park across the street from our house with his friends.. and since Frank was sleeping (aka dead to the world) it was basically like Gav was home alone.. except anytime he's ever been home with Frank sleeping or home alone.. he's always had to stay inside.. so this was a first.. we did a drive by on our way home.. he was running up the bball court with like 10 other kids.. it was cool..

Where do you buy seeds at????? Vegetable seeds.. I wanna do a garden this year.. I'll have to do an upside down version because of the pool and the kids playing.. but that's okay because they're easier.. and it's my first attempt.. I'm ganna do tomatoes, string beans, eggplant, and zucchini.. I think..

Ok, I'm tired.. take a bath or no?? I really should.. tomorrow the kids will be up and the baby just cries at the door for me.. ok yeah.. I totally should do it now.. but I don't wanna get outta bed.. life is so hard..

Friday, March 5, 2010

A Day in the Life Of Me

So I am joining Kelly this week in her Show Us Your Life.. A day in the life of me edition..

A typical school day for me goes sutten like this (actually it goes exactly like this.. often):

6:45 My alarm goes off.. I hit snooze until 7:20

7:20 I come downstairs to find my 11yo son completely ready for school and waiting at the door for his friend’s father (seriously how awesome is my son for being able to get up and ready all by himself every single morning?!)

7:30 I head back upstairs to get Ayden dressed while he lays there like a lump on a log

7:35 I get Ayden set up with breakfast and TV

7:40 I head back upstairs to get Ethan who has been babbling to himself since about 7am

8:00 We are out the door to take Ayden to school

8:30 – 10:30 Me and Ethan hang out.. watching tv, playing, I get a little straightening up done and just relax with my little man

10:30 – 12:30 Ethan goes down for his nap and I catch up with my blogs, do some schoolwork (I take online classes), do some chores, chat with my girlfriends, etc.

12:30 – 2:00 Freebie time again.. we have lunch and just hang out, run errands if there are any

2:00 We head out the door to get Gavin and Ayden from school

3:00 Homework, catch up with the boys about how their day was, they relax and I watch Dr Oz

4:00 I put my Judge Judy on and TRY to watch her, but by this time the house is chaotic and I’m dealing with three hungry and bored children while trying to get dinner on the table

5:00 We eat dinner, then straighten up, the boys take baths or showers and we just enjoy the last bit of our day together

6:30 Ethan goes to bed and the house becomes a No Loud Noise Zone so the older two usually finish up their baths, watch tv, play games, or chill and hang out

7:00 I head up to my room to start my school work and am usually sleeping by 11pm

Frank and I talk in spurts from 7:00 – 11:00 .. he is usually tired or busy with his computer game and I have to get my school deadlines met, so we usually do our own thing and then take a break every half hour or so and come chat for a few minutes.. we also send texts to each other from different rooms.. this may seem ridiculous to some, but it totally works for us.. we are connected, but we get the much needed alone time as well..

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Fellas

I'm in a blah mood.. and don't really feel like writing.. but I have a gazillion and one stories to upload into my forever memory that is this blog..

Gavin got his new cell phone today.. I think it's the Razzle.. he lurves it of course.. his edline is showing that his grades are the best yet.. The first marking period he made the Honor Roll which is all As and one B.. then the second marking period ALL his grades went down.. I was pretty ticked and took away his birthday present (DSi) but then when I thought about it.. I realized that yes they all went down.. but they still ended up being all As and Bs and one C.. so, I told him I was disappointed and that if he could it once.. blah blah blah.. and I gave him back his DSi.. but this third marking period grades have all been better than the first so far.. He asked me for skinny skater jeans.. I was totally down but the hubs thinks they are not so flattering to say the least.. he calls them "ball huggers" .. haha.. but we compromised and we're ganna get him a somewhat skinny / somewhat fitted / def not ball hugger pair.. but WHERE do I even find them at?? If that doesn't scream "old mom who thinks shes young and hip but so isn't" then I don't know what does.. sigh.. hehe

Ayden is a pip.. he asked me to put a fake tattoo on him the other day, but whispered "Tell dad it's real." while we were in the bathroom putting it on.. isn't it so cute when they think you're as dumb as a bag of rocks??

Ethan is crazy funny.. and crazy disobedient.. today he had me running from the chair to the loveseat.. reason being was because the chair is under the flatscreen and the cable box and he LOVES shutting the cable box off.. so I was chasing after him.. taking him off the chair or getting there before him so he couldn't climb up it.. then when I'd be in the chair blocking him, he'd run to the loveseat directly across from the chair and climb that and grab for my laptop which was right next to.. I mean, the chair and loveseat are like 12-15 feet away from each other.. so it was like 5 seconds of him running his little funny man run.. back and forth at least 15 times.. and I was not in the mood.. at all.. but him.. hysterical the whole time.. I kept laughing cause he's a whacko.. but man oh man..

Ok, I'm back to being overwhelmed with blahness.. I'm ganna declutter in Excel and come up with a new plan of attack for tomorrow.. ta ta

Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Me Monday

MckMama MckMama you crack me up.. you and ur pictures and ur cactus butt..

I did not have steak fries smothered in vinegar and ketchup for breakfast yesterday. That is like uber gross. Oh, and I didn't google "vinegars health benefits" afterwards because I thought.. hrm.. this stuff kills germs and stuff.. I wonder if it's cleaning my intestines!?! and briefly think I found the cure to cancer. Because that is ridiculous, and I am NOT.

I am not sitting on the couch right now with my youngest upstairs in his crib playing the drums. Cause I mean who has drums within reach of a baby's crib anyway? Certainly not me. IF I had in fact bought drums for say, Gavin, our house is certainly big enough that they could be stored in the room he shares with Ayden.. and I would not put them in the corner, blocking the closet, within arms reach of my 1 year old's crib. Duh.

I did not decide to stop eating meat sometime last week and then sneak meatless meatballs in my family's spaghetti sauce last Sunday. And then to boot.. I did not think them to be so gross that I wouldn't even try them! Oh, and then.. I most certainly did not decide to start eating meat again a few days later. Cause I am way more stable than that.