Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Turning Point

Yesterday my friend and I went to The Turning Point.. oh em gee! It was sooo awesome.. the atmosphere was clean and crisp.. not too over the top trying to be trendy.. the menu was super healthy and pretty reasonable.. I'm in lurve.. we sat up at the bar.. not bar bar.. just the counter bar part.. and there were 3 people sitting around us that were all dining alone. I love when people dine alone.. I admire them.. and honestly, I think I could totally dine alone there too.. it was so yum.. I had this fabulous ginger tea with lemongrass and a whole bunch of other healthy ingredients I've never tried but have wanted to.. and then I had the veggie quesadilla.. did I mention I gave up meat?? I probably did in one of the 50 posts I deleted.. but no more deleting for me.. fer realz.. anywho.. wish I was sitting at the bar now.. ordering something just as yummy.. but considering it's a complete snow storm outside.. I won't.

I've been doing pretty good (well) the past few days.. eating super healthy and exercising! I read a blog that I used to read a long time ago, before I stopped reading blogs because my days were wasted on the computer.. but anywho.. I looked her up again and read something that probably seems minute to her.. but really stuck with me.. she "the barefoot mama" well she changed her blog's title.. but that's the only name I can remember at the moment.. she said she eats the same thing every day for the most part.. and I was like DUH! I've been going at this new healthy eating thing all wrong.

I was spending a lot of time searching for new recipes that called for ingredients I didn't have, some I didn't even know where to purchase.. I tried a few.. we didn't like them.. so now I spent time and money for a crappy dinner no one enjoyed.. it was disheartening.. but I just need to find a few we love and stick to them for the time being.. I can add a new one here or there.. but everyday shouldn't be weird and unknown..

So that's my plan.. make healthy, meat free recipes that I already know my family will love.. I'll try to alter the meat recipes to a nonmeat version and try those as well.. and then maybe once a week I'll try something different.. but I will definitely have a super simple backup plan if it fails.. JUST in case..

Exercise is going to be an absolute everyday must.. nothing extreme.. but definitely going to do some form of toning every day and then twice a week or so I'll go running as well..

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