Thursday, February 4, 2010

Take Time to Look Cute

I did it again.. it’s been forever.. but I’m not going to dwell on it or get down on myself.. it actually made me think about how I need to start making positive changes in my life.. the thing that is so hard for me is that my life really is pretty great. So I can sit back and do nothing and have it continue to be great.. or I can try and change things up to make it even better.. and when I say better.. I mean better! Better eating habits will give me better health. Being more patient and attentive to my children will make me and them much happier.. exercising will be better for my health, my skin, my mood, and more.. being kinder to Frank will give me a better marriage.. I hate to admit it but its just laziness that is prohibiting all these fabulous things into my life.

You know what I just did, even though its bedtime.. I fixed my hair, put my engagement ring on, and put earring in. And I feel super cute instead of super frumpy. I have got to start getting myself cute everyday.. not even by putting much effort or time into it.. 15 minutes of purely focusing on my looks will without a doubt drastically improve my mood throughout the entire day. So worth it.

I’m a bit doubtful in myself as pathetic as that sounds. Every single night I lay in bed as I am doing right now and preach to myself about how tomorrow is going to be THE DAY that starts my new journey.. but then by the next afternoon I’m feeling like a complete loser for not following through.

I need to have a heart to heart with myself and come up with a plan for when the urge to eat out of boredom attacks.. and I need to get moving! I know we’re expecting another snow storm, but so what! I can bundle up and walk around the corner. Get some fresh air, appreciate the warmth of my house, talk to God on His turf.. enjoy the beautiful nature of snow covering everything.. then come home to hot chocolate.. mmm..

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