Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Saint Valentine's Day

I had the best Valentine’s Day ever this year.. Frank definitely needs help in the gift buying department, but that’s not what makes the holiday for me.. what I love to get is him telling me he loves me.. preferably in ink so I can remember it always and reread it and feel just as loved as when I read it the first time..

I got a very kind and loving card.. and he wrote the sweetest message inside.. so I was pretty much sold there.. but the entire day he was trying to please me which is pretty rare for him.. he always wants to make sure I’m ok.. but he tends to focus on himself a lot.. and the entire day was just dedicated to me.. even though we didn’t really do much.. just hung out around the house..

We did our dinner last night at a hibachi place around here.. I love it.. we went to my favorite restaurant and had the table all to ourselves due to the weather.. (hibachi is a huge table where a bunch of people sit together and the guy cooks right on your table and throws shrimp in your mouth and catches things in his hat.. its a blast!)

Did I mention Frank needs help in the gift buying department?? I mean I hinted for him to get me a bouquet of fruits (those edible delights) but I was speaking to deaf ears apparently.. instead I got lip gloss and a book about a serial killer.. sigh.. LMBO.. sigh

It was Dearly Devoted Dexter.. and we do watch every season together.. but.. maybe not the best gift for Valentine’s Day babe.. the lip gloss cracks me up.. he described how clueless he was in Target and how he found himself in the makeup section not even knowing what half the stuff was with women looking at him.. what a pip..

My birthday is coming up and I decided to nix the “hints” and just tell him what I wanted (still the fruit bouquet) in fact.. I even showed him the exact bouquet I want him to buy me..


My presents to him were an alarm clock (kind of a gag gift because he hates waking up.. but he did really need one so..) and I got him weight lifting gloves because he was saying how he lost one.. and then I took him out to dinner.. even though I don’t work.. so technically HE bought me dinner.. yep, the best Valentine’s Day ever.. mostly because of the message he wrote me in the card.. He really lurves me..

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