Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Nasty Ayden

I was showing my mom pictures on my computer tonight and she reminded me of a HYSTERICAL story.. I must share.. even though it's kinda foul.. but first the picture:

Do you see Ayden's face?? He is alwaaaaays making silly faces and poses.. like seriously always.. so anywho this was the scene of our backyard last summer.. mind you we have a pool.. but for some reason or other the kids thought this would be funner (more fun) and it was so much easier for me to watch the three of them.. u do see ethan in the blue one right? And that is Allie, a family friend I sat for for the summer.. anywho..

Ayden is typically fresh.. not super rude.. but sassy, if you will.. so he pretty much winds up in time out every day.. not really even as a "punishment" per se, more of a "sit down, stay still, and breathe child.. and most importantly.. chilllll out!"

So when he went in time out during our ghetto pool time.. I just sat him on the steps right there.. Allie then said "Machole (that's how she says Nicole.. sooo cute!) can I go in Ayden's?"

I look at Ayden and smirk.. and say "Of course you can Allie!"

Ayden made a puss, crossed his arms and loudly says "Oh yeah! Well I peed in there!" oh boy..

Allie and me look at each other in utter disgust..

Allie says "I don't LIKE fibbers!" and looks to me for approval of her "adult language"..

And before I can think Ayden loudly declares "No really! I did! I peed in there!"

How did I ever forget that story?! And that is why I will keep this blog.. (and stop deleting posts that I go back and reread and decide I no longer like)

And a last PS.. just to let you know.. there is no doubt in my mind that he did in fact pee in the tub.. there was too much emotion to have been a fib.. and that's just not his style anyway.. fibbing that is.. because apparently sitting in a tub of his own urine IS his style.. blehck.. told ya it was foul..


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