Monday, February 8, 2010

Moles & Danishes

So it's been three days or so since I started putting real effort into my health.. and I feel so great already. I've been doing 100 situps, 15 pushups, and some leg exercises before bed and it may not seem like a lot (because it isn't really) but I feel a big difference..

Well, I noticed on Saturday night that Gavin's mole.. pardon the all-over-the-place lingo.. this is how I function.. anywho.. backtrack.. Gavin grew a mole out of nowhere in the summer of 2006.. well, I guess it was growing 6 months prior.. but come May 06' I took him and had it removed purely for cosmetic reasons because I wasn't a fan of my son having a mole on the side of his head.. well, they sent it out and it came back severely aggressive A-typical mole.. or whatever fancy wordage they used.. anywho.. we took him to a surgeon who came recommended by a woman at my mom's work.. well, he took a big chunk out of Gavin's head and said that he got it all.. and that the odds of him having another cancerous mole was rare..

Fast forward a few years and we in February 2009.. Gavin's been growing his hair out so I don't notice his "bald spot" as often as I did when I was cutting his hair every month or so.. The last time I probably saw it was about six months ago because his hair covers it up.. and would do I see when I checked it out on Saturday?? A new mole! Not good.. not only is there a slightly raised new mole growing, but there is also three brown freckles (beginning moles?) along with it.

I made an appointment for Wednesday, but with the snow storm we are getting I don't know if I'll be able to make it.. hopefully I can..

My point is that I was feeling sad about the whole situation and went to the bakery and bought an entire cheese danish ring.. and then ate the whole thing.. well, except for the spots that didn't have cheese covering it.. I mean, I AM watching my calories!

After three days of eating so well and exercising, I was feel super guilty for taking 18 steps backwards.. so I put my my running sneakers on and went for a jog.. the cold air was so cold.. I mean seriously I started coughing up a lung and had to walk almost half way home.. and I can run.. I mean I'm no (who's a famous runner I can insert here?).. but I can run for 30 minutes on the treadmill at a 5.. *she takes a bow*

It was sooooooooo cold I tell you my lungs could not deal.. I still feel wheezy and it's been hours..

But I am super proud of myself for not just throwing in the towel and thinking "Well, I already ruined my diet today, so I might as well binge!" Yes, that is my usual train of thought..

Yep, that was my February 8th.. Holy moly.. no way!!! My birthday is March 8th.. yay!! I'll be 31 but I don't care.. I care about presents!!! The green ones!! awww... and my girlfriends are ganna suck it up and take me to Shiki.. they prefer other hibachi restaurants.. but that one is my favorite!!! We're going there next week with another couple.. they have the best ginger sauce.. YUMMERS!!!

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