Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mary Rowlandson's Inspiration

I had a talk with God last night.. I read about Mary Rowlandson and how she was captured by the Indians.. and they shot her and her 6.5 yo daughter.. she survived, but her daughter did not.. I had to stop reading right about that time because the tears were cascading down my face.. I picked it back up and finished it though.. It was so inspirational.. she was such a good follower of God.. it made my complaints about Frank or the house seem beyond ridiculous..

I tried to stay focused on God during our little chat.. but I did drift off to thinking about my children and my husband as well.. and I realized Frank is the best man I've ever met.. I tend to focus on his habit of sleeping late (or waking up early, but then napping) and you know what.. so what?! My one friend always says I'm a saint and that she could not put up with that.. but it actually works out pretty well for us.. When he's sleeping, I kind of chill.. or I clean.. or whatever.. then when he wakes up.. he's oftentimes ready to take over.. then I get to really chill.. whether I hide up in my room for an hour.. or run out to Target.. or whatever I want.. plus he does a decent amount of chores.. and most importantly.. he treats me like I am the most beautiful thing he's ever seen almost all the time.. and he plays with the boys for hours on end almost every week..

Other husbands may wake up and be uber productive with fixing the house up.. but I doubt they are as romantic or complimentary as my Frank.. and if they are, so be it.. great! I wish everyone was as sweet as him.. but the point is.. I love my husband and I need to stop focusing on his flaws.. he is not sweet all the time.. he is not in the mood to play with the boys all the time.. he doesn't help with chores all the time.. but that's okay.. because more often than not.. he does.. oh and he's super hot! *)

I want to better myself.. I want to stop cursing, stop gossiping, stop being short tempered.. I want to read my Bible every night.. and pray a couple of times a day.. and stop skipping mass.. I want to teach my boys about God.. and I want to take better care of my mind, body, and soul.. I want to be a better person for myself and my family, but most importantly, for God..

I am kind of bored.. I don't know what to do with my time.. Frank's still sleeping (11:11am touch blue and make a wish) Ayden's watching cartoons, the baby's upstairs for a nap.. the house is pretty clean.. I ate 2 (not the usual four) pieces of french toast for breakfast.. and had some OJ too.. I guess I'll see if Ayden wants to eat and hang out for a bit.. yes yes.. that would be the best use of my time right now..

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