Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hibachi Love

I just ate such a yummy dinner with my girlfriends.. We always take one another out for our birthdays and tonight we celebrated Megan's (12/13) and Kim's (2/11).. Megan's dinner just kept getting pushed back for one reason or another.. and actually she cancelled on us one night because her and the kids were sick.. but me and Kim went to her birthday dinner without her.. hehe.. but tonight we went to this hibachi place.. yummers..

I ate more than I wanted to today.. but still within a decent range.. I think.. I am going to get off the computer and do some exercising.. then I'm going to surf the net for a bit and then I'm going to finish my paper for school.. man I really want coffee.. but I'll go to bed and just wait until morning.. because if I have it now.. I'll be up late and cranky in the morning.. BUT let me stop delaying my workout routine.. do it Nicole.. you'll feel SO much gooder.. hehe

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