Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I know I talk about food all the time.. but that's how my brain currently operates.. I wish that weren't the case, but it is. And it has been for more than half my life.. I am in a MUCH healthier place than I ever have been before.. so progress is the name of MY game..

Sooo.. totally ate like crap for the past two days.. I ate great for about 4 days or so.. and worked out on those days too.. but the past two days have gone to the dogs.

I had a pretty decent dinner.. I had a baked potato with tons of sour cream and salsa, string beans w/ salt, and garlic bread.. ok, maybe not the best dinner, but could've been worse.. oh and I drank a tall glass of Pom Pom.. pomegranate and blue berry juice.. yummers! It'll give you sticker shock for sure, but super healthy..

I am currently drowning in schoolwork.. and with my mom spending an extra night due to the blizzard.. and the kids having off today and tomorrow because of the weather as well.. and THEN they have off Friday and Monday because of Presidents Day.. ughhh.. I'm finding it hard to find (A) the time and (B) a quiet place to focus on my school.. I'm just ganna hope that I can put it off another day and then go full force and get it all done.. on time..

I really wish my camera didn't break.. I need to buy a new one.. but money is tight.. and I promised myself I'd stop using the credit cards so I can get those paid off in a decent amount of time..

You should see the view from my couch.. it's dark out now.. but a little bit ago it was the most beautiful sight I've ever seen.. no lie.. the familiarness of the houses and my neighbors car draped in fluffy snow.. hardly anything was showing.. the branches were sooooo pretty covered in snow.. leaning over so much because of the weight.. true winter wonderland.. it hasn't snowed this much in many years.. at least not all at once..

Frank's took the boys out this afternoon.. and then they came in for a few hours and went back out after we ate dinner.. two boys playing in the snow with their dad in the dark.. I hope they remember this day for the rest of their lives.. I think it's so awesome how he "plays" with them.. in the summer its the pool.. and he goes in there for HOURS with them.. all day and again when it gets dark.. throwing them up.. doing jumps so they laugh.. splashing and making waves.. our boys are so lucky.. I hope they appreciate their childhood..

So many people grow up and only remember the bad times.. that's so sad to me.. my kids hardly have any bad times.. I mean they get yelled out, but hardly ever punished.. and when they do it's usually fairly short and simple.. we try our best to let them feel free to be kids, but we are firm on certain rules.. mainly just being respectful.. to each other.. and to us.. of course they have to do their homework and clean up after themselves.. but that usually takes quite a bit of ordering to get that last one done.. but that's okay.. they're good kids..

Well, lemme get off the computer and get something done..

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