Monday, February 22, 2010

Ben Franklin

I am taking an American Literature course this semester and am LOVING it.. I saved these two English classes for the very end (the other is a composition writing class which actually aint so bad either) because I dread writing. I think I am actually okay at it, it just freaks me out to be critiqued on it. Anywho last night I had to read about Ben Franklin and his almanacs.. he really is fascinating. He has a gazillion little quotes that essentially say.. don't be lazy and use your time wisely and he was also big on not spending and saving it all for a rainy day.

The one that I can't get out of mind is.. "the morning sun doesn't last all day"

Meaning, even if you think times are so wonderful (the morning sun) and you can afford to buy something a bit lavished, just be ware that it is likely that times won't seem as sunny soon enough and you'll be regretting the purchase..

Now, I'm really NOT a spender.. I pay all the bills AND THEN anything extra (which is very little) is up for grabs.. So I guess, I'm NOT a spender because I have nothing to spend? haha.. anywho..

I don't care about his message about being frugal because it doesn't really pertain to me.. but I love that he compared it to the morning sun not lasting all day.. I love it!!

The part that DID pertain to me (and Frank *couch cough*) is the part about wasting time.. I could be soooo much more productive during the day.. not even going too far crazy.. just take some of my boring blah time and do something productive and reap the rewards of having accomplished something at the end of the day instead of regretting the fact that I got nothing done..

So I woke up today with a plan.. and I did a bunch of stuff in only a short amount of time.. I was done with my chores at noon.. wanna hear what I did.. huh huh.. wanna??


Cleaned out my freezer.. we exploded a soda in there forever ago.. and I wiped most of it out.. but some has been just sitting there.. yeah gross, I know.. but today.. I cleaned her out and got rid of some food that had just been sitting in there.. I feel so much better for having done it. And I straightened out the fridge and wiped that down a bit too since I was there..

Did all the laundry..

Wiped down all my cabinets with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.. and wiped down all the woodwork trim..

Made spaghetti sauce for dinner.. (I added in meatless meatballs.. I wonder if the kids or Frank will notice.. they don't know I bought them.. I'm hoping since I added them in the sauce so early, that they'll just taste like my sauce *fingers crossed*)

Well, I guess that's it aside from the normal stuff like taking care of Ethan and stuff.. seemed like a bunch more at the time.. *)

Random thought, but I went to go get Ethan this morning and he was locked in his room.. apparently Ayden and his friend were playing in there yesterday.. I had to have Frank open it because me trying a screwdriver and credit card did nothing..

The snow is trying to melt.. thank goodness.. we're expecting rain/snow for the next FIVE days.. then a three day break from it.. then another two more of the slush misxture.. yuk.. and who knows after that.. that's just how far out the weather channel predicted..

I can't wait to be able to take my doggy for a walk and walk to pick up the boys.. and take the kiddies to the park and the beach and the boardwalk.. and open my doors and windows.. I am going to appreciate the winter while it's here because thats more time I have to tone up my body for the warmer weather.. but man oh man.. I am going to cherish every day of warmth too!!

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