Saturday, February 27, 2010

227 is my TODAY

It's my dad's birthday.. he would have been 62.. he passed away at 58.. lung cancer.. and then it spread to the arteries around his heart.. he smoked 3 packs of Kool filtered Kings a day.. although he went and did his chemo with a woman who also had lung cancer and never smoked a day in her life.. she ran everyday.. my father never ran.. so I know that he could have gotten it even if he didn't smoke.. buuuuut smoking THREE packs a day HAD to contribute.. it had to..

Anywho.. today is his birthday.. "227" .. he used to call me "Girl Child".. he was a funny man.. I have two older brothers.. and then it's just me - Girl Child.. so that's where my web addy came from.. and several email addresses.. anywho..

I'm thinking TODAY is a fabulous.. perfect, in fact.. day to start doing.. and stop planning/talking.. I have several obsessions.. one of which is planning.. I make lists everyday.. I plan out our meals for the week.. etc.. but really I don't follow thru with them as much as I'd like.. in fact.. truth be told.. more than half of the items on the list never make it to reality.. they just linger in the planning stage (aka fantasy land).. but no more..

Let TODAY be my tomorrow.. let TODAY be the day that I do my schoolwork instead of putting it off until "tomorrow".. let TODAY be the day that I begin to pray.. alone and with my boys.. instead of starting fresh "tomorrow".. let TODAY be the day that I stop feeling guilty, sad, and bummed.. that I didn't do what I wanted to do (ie, exercise, eat healthy, cook a yummy healthy meal for my family... and so much more)

It's HARD.. I mean, I am not up and "doing" something.. NOPE, I am sitting on my tush "planning" it out.. but that's okay so long as the doing quickly follows.. and I'm pretty confident it will..

I want to start:

1. Going for walks with the kids and dog every day

2. Stop buying and eating over-processed junk food

3. Eating a diet largely consisting of fruits, veggies, and whole grains

4. Praying every day and night.. meaningful deep prayer full of confidence

5. Going to church every single Sunday.. no matter what

6. Listening to my children more, playing with them more, and shooing them away less

7. Cooking yummy healthy meals every night for dinner

8. Being more Christlike (helping others, being kinder)

9. Moving my body more

10. Completing my To Do Lists

Ten months left in the year.. 10 great goals.. coincidence?? I think not.. *)

I can pick one a month and by the end of the year.. I will be in a MUCH better mental state..

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