Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tree of Life

I asked Frank to write a poem for me one day.. I found this very awesome picture and was inspired by it so much. It made me want to pray and do yoga. ha!

Tree of life Pictures, Images and Photos

Literally seconds after me asking him, he grabbed a nearby pen and scrap piece of paper and wrote the most amazing poem. He even incorporated "seeds" which is so personal for me. However, I lost it years ago and now I can't remember the exact wording of the poem, but I know it's something very similar to this:

Born of this Earth
From seeds we are sown
We travel our lifespan
And then return home

In fact, I'm positive lines 2-4 are accurate, it's just line one that is a bit off.. anywho.. I think it is the best poem I've ever read. I really do. It's so personal and really means something special because he wrote it for ME.