Saturday, October 19, 2013

About Me

I'm an oversharer.. I often go to bed at night regretting something or other I said that day.. I'm a pretty happy person in general and I love making people laugh at my one liners.. Nothing feels better than making people belly laugh. And being as my family is a bunch of clowns they give me more than enough material.

I am not a braggy person by nature.. I find modesty so attractive.. But there are two areas I brag about.. one is when I find a great deal.. which happens all the time because I am a smart shopper.. and two.. I'm really good at puzzles.. like really good.. I am yet to find someone I can not continually beat in Scramble & Words with Friends.. and I've been playing for about 3 years.. My name is Giirl Chiild if you're up for the challenge.. I am not undefeatable, I just win 90% of my games.. maybe 95%  ; )

I have an odd love for numbers.. I count steps and stairs and blinds and ceiling panels.. I just can not help myself.. I count my steps when I jog.. not 1 to 545.. but rather just chant 1-10 or 1-20 over and over until I'm done.. makes the time fly!

I'm a bookkeeper.. appropriate.

I have three jobs.. all bookkeeping.. one is 6-7 hrs week, one is 30, and one is 2 days a month..

I joined the Army at 18 and served 5 years.. I made rank of SGT.. and as a bonus, met this stud...

We met in Sept 2001, we got our names tattooed on each other in Nov 2001, and eloped in Dec 2001. To make our whirlwind even crazier.. the day we eloped, Dec 20, 2001.. was our last day in the Army.. and we packed up our belongings, I had a two year old son, Gavin, from a previous relationship, my dog Shelby Girl and his fish Barney and we rented a U-Haul and drove South with no where to go and no family in our path (he is from OH) we stopped in VA Beach and put one month's deposit and the first month's rent on a new credit card I received and that was it. We then had one month to come up with next month's rent.

Man, it was so tough, but looking back, those days were amazing. Getting to know each other really.. being on our own.. adjusting to the real world.. Food shopping at the Dollar Tree with a weekly budget of $20.. no joke! Bread, cheese, ramen, pb, jam and snacks.. Maybe that's why I'm so happy these days.. lol

Gavin is now a freshman, Ayden is in 4th grade, and Ethan is in Kindergarten..

Gavdawg, Gavstar, Gavino

He's my kindhearted son.. always asks how was my day.. offers a hug when I get home.. hates chores, but still doesn't complain when I ask for his help.. He was 8, Ayden was 3.. we just bought ice cream off the truck and splat! Ayden dropped his.. Gavin didn't even hesitate.. "Here Ayd, you can have mine." #bestkidever

Ayden is my 9 year old boy genius.. Ridiculously smart.. He is quite the handful.. I used to call him bossy.. we'd have a play date with friends and Ayden would say "Ok, Rusty you're ganna be the solder, take this gun. Sadie, you're ganna be the lookout, go over there and wait." I would tell him to let them choose what they want to do, but it went in one ear and out the other. I then went to teacher conferences and his teacher called him a "leader". So I try and not be so negative with my Ayden.. Just because he is different than me, doesn't mean he is wrong. In fact, I am pretty certain this kid is going to be very successful in life. He reminds me of Frank's brother who I love dearly and who is the wealthiest of us all. Maybe this whole caring about other people's feelings thing is my downfall.

Ethan is my baby.. He tells me I'm his "first best friend" so that of course makes him my favorite.. He is super sensitive like me and Gavin.. If a teacher or I were to tell him he didn't do something "correctly" he'd cry as if we said we didn't love him anymore.. He thinks Ayden is the coolest kid ever and would do anything for him.. Ethan is also the only saver in the family.. He will not spend his money for anything. He hides it like a squirrel.. Our neighbor offered to buy him a donut from dunkin donuts and he said "No thank you, but I'll take the dollar."

I live on the Jersey Shore.. well, actually it's the bay.. the shore is 15 mins up the road.. but this view is my town.. a few blocks from my house.. I was born and raised here.. Frank grew up in OH and loves it as much as I do.. That's NYC across the way.. on a clear day you can see the Statue of Liberty.. and at night you see the lights on the bridge and buildings..

It's awesome.. I love it here..

And that is enough yammering for one post..

Chat later!

Fall is my Fave

Happy First Weekend Off in Freakin Forever to Me!!

Did you ever just wake up ridiculously happy?? I'm in bed with my new supah soft Jets blanket.. Got my coffee next to me.. which btw was made to perfection (not always the case) by the lovely people at dunkin donuts who were oh so fortunate enough to not see this beautiful garb first thing this morning.. I went thru the drive-thru.. My neighbors however, not so lucky..

No need to edit that fabulous photo.. eek

This happy mood of mine makes me wanna chit chat but being as Frankie Dearest is working.. and the kids are watching cartoons and playing Minecraft reading quietly in their rooms the blogosphere is subject to my ramblings..

The weather no doubt plays a key role in my mood.. I lurve the Fall.. I met my husband in the Fall.. we got married in the Fall.. The same Fall to be exact. We met in September 2001 and eloped in December 2001. Our parents were oh so proud.. or scared, pissed, and sick with worry..

OBX summer of 2013

Another Fall favorite: Thanksgiving! My oh my can my momasita cook. I did not inherit that gene. We're Italian so we have lasagna at 1pm.. Turkey dinner with all the fixins' around 4pm.. and then dessert around 7pm.. Best. Day. Ever.

My dear ole dad passed away 7 years ago and for some reason Thanksgiving day reminds me of him like no other. The parade, March of the Wooden Soldiers, The Ten Commandments, walnuts & fruit on the coffee table.. Yes please!! He used to call me "Girl Child".. I have two brothers and no sisters.. so he'd be like "Girl Child, come give me my medicine." He would be referring to M&Ms.. so funny.

Guess I should get off my arse and take these little patooties Pumpkin Picking..

Monster Mini Golf 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lent & Spin Class Drama

I skipped Lent this year.. Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent) is usually like my turning point. It's usually beginning to mid February and that means I am typically off my New Year's Resolution high.. and it just seems so much better because now it'll be a new (better) me AND it centers around the Lord. Score!!

I attend mass, get my ashes, give up a few bad habits.. or acquire a few good ones.. and I always start going back to church around that time..

Well this year, I was driving to work when the radio DJ informed me it was Ash Wednesday. WHAT?!?!?! How did I miss that one?? I couldn't think of what I wanted to give up.. I was heading in to work in NY that day and wouldn't be home in time for mass. It was just a mess.

I said I would start a few days late and extend it a few days to make up for it.. but here with are with Palm Sunday being tomorrow and I didn't attend mass once, nor did I pray more, nor did I sacrifice anything.. sigh

And I can't start going to mass tomorrow because I can't be that woman who just shows up for palm. Oh no, the regulars know who attends.. and who shows up for palm. I'll start going again soon.. but definitely after Easter.

In the meantime.. I've been successful at keeping Satan at bay lately. I'm sure Jesus loves that.

I have been super great this week with not turning to food other than when I'm hungry. Oh, and in Spin Class.. there is this woman who I really don't like.. nor does she like me.. we both like the fan to face us and so we keep moving it then the other will move it back.. it's childish, I know.. So last week I told her "Oh hell no!" when she moved it, and then I got off my bike and adjusted it back on me.. so this week when she did it.. I didn't move it back, but boy was my blood boiling.. I thought "Oh ok bitch, you wanna move the fan again. Next week, I'm taking your spot. See how you like that!"

And if you are a regular spinner.. a serious spinner.. you like your bike and your spot. But then I thought Jesus wouldn't like that very much.

So, yeah, that was my point. I skipped Lent, but I still love Jesus and want to do the right thing. Even when the wrong thing is sooooooooo tempting.

Friday, March 8, 2013

My 34th Birthday

Woo Hoo is my birthday!!!

Frankie D hooked me UP!!!!

He is not a good gift buyer.. sorry honey, I love you more than anything.. but yeah no, not the best gift buyer..

Well, he outdid himself last night.. Today's my birthday.. 34th gasp! But we've been celebrating holidays the night before so I got my gifts last night. And might I say, getting gifts the night before ROCKS!!

He got me tons of clothes from Hollister & Aero...

Now, I already have tons of clothes from both these places.. but they were given to me by a 14 yo family friend who decided they were no longer her style.. say whaaat??

I don't actually shop there.. I'm lucky if I can find money in our budget to shop at Target.

He got me 3 capri sweats which I've never tried on, but absolutely loved!! A few booty shorts, a few tanks, a few tee shirts.. and one not so attractive fish net sweater thing.. I had to tell him to return it. And ironically he thought about getting it, and didn't because it was $40 then actually went back to mall and got it.. ha! Only to have me tell him to return it. Yeah, fish net might be cool for over a bathing suit.. but this was like a sweater open in the front..

Thank goodness he doesn't know about this blog.. or I'd feel bad.. but hey, I love all my other gifts!! He totally surprised me!

LOVE LOVE LOVE him.. and my kiddos... and my gifts... and my life... um can you tell I've had 3 glasses of sangria?? hahaha.. but I do love my life!! mega much!!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Diet starts tomorrow

I am a flippin nut job.. I wake up and weigh myself.. then I go pee and weigh myself again.. I get dressed, get the kids up and ready.. and I start thinking about how well my day is going to be. I am going to eat fruits and veggies and drink tons of water.

And then it happens.. I am consumed with thoughts of food.. burger king, pizza, ice cream, cookies, quesadillas... .... .... I then end up in my kitchen and am binging. Maybe my "binge" isn't quite a binge.. maybe it's just "overeating"? I'm not sure...

Today's lunch consisted of:
6 homemade chocolate cupcakes with icing and coconut (1500)
2 english muffins with butter (300)
handful of cheese itz (150)
10 slices of fried eggplant (700)
2,650 calories.. approximately

INSERTED 10/19/13.. um yes self.. 6 freaking cupcakes is most certainly a binge. Let alone all the other crap. Yeesh! I do not remember that day.. nor is it a part of my life anymore.. holy crud.. that's a lot of food!

I skipped breakfast and I prob won't have dinner, but 2650 is still double what my 5'0" frame needs.. I was 119 lbs this morning and that is unacceptable.. I am at my absolute heaviest and I hate it! Me at 110 is normal.. not thin, but not gross either.. just a measly 9 lbs more and I kid you not, I haven't worn jeans in two weeks. I've tried! But they are impossible.

Me at 105 is skinny.. and let's not tell lies here.. I want skinny!!! Not gross skinny! I am very athletic and I take several weight lifting classes a week.. I think sculpted arms is so sexy! My legs are cury.. not straight.. so my "skinny" isn't model skinny.. it's healthy skinny! I mean I could be in the "normal" range of the BMI scale at 97 lbs (maybe even 95, I forget) ... so I'm adding 7-10 lbs more to that..

I have said "tomorrow" a million times.. seriously for like a decade!!!!

A flipping decade of me wanting to eat light and right... and then not doing it.. ten years!!! Ugh....

So, tomorrow is March 1st... and damn it I will reach my goal of 105 lbs by May 1st... I friggen will!!!

And I don't know if anyone will read this..... but just because it is out there... I think it'll motivate me to stick with it...

So each day I will record all of the food that crosses my lips... as well as my weight...

Wish me luck!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Back on track

Do you ever feel like you are not following the social norm and therefore are wrong???

I am queen of not following the "social" norm.. I follow lots of rules, in fact calling me a rule follower would accurately describe me.. Not too into going against the grain and ruffling anyone's feathers.. unless of course it's for human rights.. then I'll ruffle away!

But what I'm talking about with me is .. I'm an oversharer.

I always have been.. someone would comment on something of mine and I'd say "Oh thanks! $20 bucks at Marshalls!" and my father would get annoyed (maybe even embarrassed) and say "Nicole, just say 'thank you'."

But ya know what.. I LIKE oversharing.. I like being real.. and for some odd reason I like to make myself and my life look worse than it is ONLY if it'll benefit the person on the other end..

For example, I love my husband dearly (despire the previous post stating otherwise. HA!) I honestly do.. sure he ticks me off.. but I scored me a winner with that one! But if my girlfriend is speaking about being unhappy in her marriage (and why do they all seem to be so dang unhappy?!) then I feel obligated to chime in with something negative that I can relate to so that poor girl doesn't feel like she is the only one.. I'll be like "Oh, please. Frank too. I wanna kill him sometimes." I mean I don't go too crazy and tell lies or anything.. But I hate that I do that.. I hate that I use Frank as a stepping stone for someone else to feel better.. but he's just a casualty in my determination to make this sad person feel better.. or at the very least.. less alone..

This is why I don't blog often.. I am a rambler!!

My original point is simply to overshare.. I am through the roof with joy right now.. but to explain why I must tell my private business.. which is AOK with me.. just not society apparently..

So Hurricane Sandy costs us $1,000 in various expenses.. which is literally a drop in the bucket compared to 90% of my friends and neighbors who had water in their house and are looking at $50,000 in damages.. No water in our house.. thank God!! It got close but never got in.. However, no power for 2 weeks meant taking my kids an hour away to my moms daily.. yes, daily.. she left them here for the first week (with no heat) but we all kept saying, thinking, praying that it would come on the next day. Finally she takes them and she couldn't handle them.. She was screaming every moment.. Her house is a typical old lady house with lots of breakables and no messes.. She wasn't comfortable taking them and didn't want to, but had to bc of the temps.. So every day Frank and I would drive down (looters were rampid so we had to protect the house. I could've stayed with my mom, but leaving Frank here alone with no heat or power felt horribly wrong. Least staying here with him, I knew the boys were safe and warm.)

The gas lines were 5 hours long and you could only go on odd even days (last # of your license plate)..

So, needless to say.. Nov 1's mortgage didn't get paid.. Then December came and it was either pay the mortgage or give my 3 sons Christmas.. and we chose Christmas.. December's mortgage, also not paid..

I don't even know what happened in January. I mean we could have paid the mortgage, but then we'd be ridiculously broke.. Like no gas or food money broke.. This was probably just the snowball effect from the previous months.

Well, guess what I get in the mail.. Foreclosure papers of course. Awesome.. I am not one to be late on my bills.. these past few months have been so stressful and almost surreal. I grew up this house, my father passed away here.. I just can't imagine moving..

Then today I filed our taxes and am able to catch up on all payments missed.. And there ended up being an extra grand that I wasn't expecting.. Booyah!! Happy moment for sure!! After it was submitted I called the mortgage company to set up a payment for when my return would be in there.. and the woman tells me they haven't actually sent it to the lawyers for foreclosure yet.. which means I didn't have to pay those fees!!! And we're talking $1,000!! Score!!

So yeah, been smiling and dancing and of course, telling everyone!! I am just SO freaking happy..

Oh, did I mention I prayed to God this morning?? I hardly pray.. and I mean hardly as in a few times a year! But when I do, He always answers my prayers..

I am so relieved.. so much stressed is gone.. I love my family, love my life.. love my friends.. love God.. so so so glad to get back on track!!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Love Hate Love

No one can infuriate me like this man can.. my blood is boiling right now.. yet, I know with certaintly it is a little, very stupid, misunderstanding.. I want to say "arguement" but it really isn't..

But his reaction has sent me in a tizzy.. I am fuming.. I want to curse him out so badly.. I want to pound on his face actually.. ha! It's the Italian Jersey girl in me..

He is up in PA doing some side tile job with my brother.. and sends me a text that says

"Tell ayd i love em. Miss u guys. I looove u :)"

Like um just tell "ayd" you love him.. not Ethan?!?!?! (Gavin slept out)..

Something so stupid, right?!?!? Well he got ticked at me for saying something.. he writes back "of course I meant Eth too." (mmm hrmm)

I'm not saying he doesn't love Ethan!! I'm just saying what father WRITES tell one son I love him.. who does that??

Well, apparently I insulted him (I'm sure he took it as I was calling him a bad dad.. and in a small way I guess I was.)

So do you know what he says at the end.. that mother effer writes:

"I'll deal with you when I get home."

OH MY WORD!!!! No he didn't!!! Who the fuck does he think he is talking to?!?!?! Oh yeah, I'm furious.. I know I know it's my ego.. but Lord help me not kill him.. Lord help me forgive.. Lord?? Herlow?? Did we get disconnected???

Nicole, it's me Satan.. you are sooo right!!! He had no right to talk to you that way!! Get him girl! Show him what's what!! You do everything, he does nothing! lol

Breathe Nicole.. breathe.. he's grumpy he's at work.. he thinks you told the boys daddy only loves you Ayden (I would never of course.. but he may think that)

Do I call or text an apology???? But for what??? What did IIIIIIIII doooo??? He's wrong. I'm right..

But okay okay.. Jesus floods me with forgiveness.. I will return the favor.. I guess..

But first.. I'll lighten the mood.. or attempt to.. he's just as furious.. I'll text him:

"I forgive you." hehehe

Whew.. glad that's over..